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Indiegogo Campaign Promotes Fair Trade and Supply Chain Transparency on Behalf of Artisans and Farmers

Indiegogo Campaign Promotes Fair Trade and Supply Chain Transparency on Behalf of Artisans and Farmers

Published 10-07-13

Submitted by Indigenous Designs

INDIGENOUS Fair Trade + Organic (INDIGENOUS) has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to put The Fair TRACE TOOL™ in the hands of more fair trade enterprises, and fund social impact research with artisans and farmers to bring the story of fair trade and supply chain transparency to the consumer at the point of purchase.

The FAIR TRACE Tool™ is a simple technology developed collaboratively by INDIGENOUS and Worldways Social Marketing, to connect the consumer with the artisans, farmers and laborers who produce the goods we consume every day. By scanning a Quick-Response (QR) code, the consumer can be connected to the maker of the product, view their story in a video, see the supply chain maps and access social impact data collected directly from the artisans.

The campaign aims to raise $30,000 to help customize The FAIR TRACE Tool™ for brands with strong fair trade mission who cannot afford the technology and to set up a fund for ongoing social impact research. The campaign is located at

“The FAIR TRACE Tool™ was created collaboratively based on INDIGENOUS’ concept. Social Venture Network members RSF Social Finance, INDIGENOUS and Worldways Social Marketing contributed to early development. Organizations including SourceMap, Good World Solutions and Grameen helped us integrate their own tools. Leading socially conscious food brand and SVN member Alter Eco was the first major food brand, alongside apparel brand INDIGENOUS to commit to using the Trace Tool. Now, it’s the community’s turn. We invite everyone who cares about fair trade to contribute to this campaign.” said INDIGENOUS co-founder Scott Leonard.

Many consumers want to make more socially conscious purchases, but lack the information to help make the decision. Many companies have deep fair trade missions and lack to the resources to tell the story. The FAIR TRACE Tool answers both needs by bringing the fair trade mission to the consumer in an engaging manner. Before even buying the product, the consumer can visualize the impact their purchase will have on the people who make the product.

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Our garments are made by the hands and hearts of artisans in many types of communities throughout the globe. By working directly with these artisans and their knitting cooperatives, a strong partnership has evolved to support their visions in managing sustainable commerce. We assist the artisans with quality control measures, sound production and planning management, as well as research and design for the local and world markets.

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