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POSTED 4 hours ago

Clorox’s Latest Sustainable Product Innovations

Innovation at Clorox is all about building trusted brands people love that meet their ever-evolving needs. We mainly do this by developing products that use less packaging overall and/or more sustainable packaging materials and leave less waste behind after they’re used.

Wind turbines on mountains
POSTED 5 hours ago

Earth Day 2024: Our Commitments to a More Sustainable Future

In my time at Lenovo, I’ve watched Earth Day develop from a single day of celebration and awareness in the U.S. – mostly around recycling – to a global event that doesn’t just celebrate awareness in the moment but fosters transparency and collaboration around our common goals.

Cork headphones
POSTED 5 hours ago

Beyond Plastic: Logitech’s Innovation Approach to Alternative Materials

Kicking off with Earth Day, this first article in a three-part series invites readers to learn how Logitech’s design innovation culture is pushing next-level solutions with Design for Sustainability.