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A child wearing a vr headset with a hand up in a dark classroom setting. Virtual shapes appearing.
POSTED 4 hours ago

The Next Frontier in Education: How Generative AI and XR Will Evolve the World of Learning in the Next Decade

Teachers can leverage generative AI to create highly customized lessons. In a series of manual steps, educators can quickly create dynamic videos to serve as instructional tools with little-to-no technical skills.

POSTED 5 hours ago

Cummins 2023-2024 Sustainability Progress Report: Sustainability at Cummins

Sustainability is not new to Cummins. For several decades, both sustainability and efforts related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues have been critical elements of the company’s long-term business and growth strategies.

Women stood in a line in front of pink tractors
POSTED 6 hours ago

CNH Brand New Holland Delivers 10 Pink Tractors in Honor of Women in Forestry

New Holland, a brand of CNH, has honored the work of women in forestry in Brazil by delivering not just one but 10 pink tractors.