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The Farming We Need for Earth Day

The Farming We Need for Earth Day

Published 04-21-21

Issued by Indigo Agriculture


What if your company could address climate change through agriculture? In this special Indigo Carbon report for Earth Day 2021, learn about the growing community of people—from supporters to farmers to the scientific community—working together to make farming more beneficial for people and the planet.

Report Highlights

Agriculture has the potential to be both an immediate and long-term, scalable climate solution. The Indigo Carbon program connects farmers and corporate supporters to accelerate this change. Learn more below in The Farming We Need, a bi-monthly progress report featuring the real work that is bringing about economic, environmental, and societal progress through agriculture. This month’s special Earth Day 2021 edition includes:

Two Exclusive Feature Stories:

Taking Collective Action
Biotech powerhouse startup Moderna’s first product to market was their mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, and the company’s next efforts involve bringing science, technology, and scaled innovation to cancer treatments, birth defects, and heart repair. For Earth Day 2021, CEO Stéphane Bancel shares his thoughts on using modern science and technology for scaled impact, from COVID-19 to agriculture as a nature-based climate solution. Read the story >>

A Farmer’s Perspective on Earth Day
Over the past decade, Arkansas farmer Adam Chappell has endured it all—impending bankruptcy, a hundred-year-flood, a fire that burned down his family’s homes, and a scorched-earth drought. What got him through all of these challenges was adopting a specific set of farming practices designed to promote soil health, profitability, and also play a leading role in unlocking agriculture as a nature-based climate solution. Read the story >>

Also in the issue:

  • Carbon Supporter Spotlight: Maple Leaf Foods
    Canada’s Maple Leaf Foods, which became the world’s first major food company to be carbon neutral in 2019, understands its success is intrinsically tied to the success of farmers and the mitigation of climate change. Hear from Tim Faveri, Vice President of Sustainability and Shared Value at Maple Leaf Foods, about how they are transforming their sustainability goals into tangible impact.
  • The Scientific Community Comes Together
    See how esteemed scientific institutions, from the Woodwell Climate Research Center to the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, are supporting farmers and rural communities by advancing agricultural technology.
  • Carbon Farming 101: How does soil carbon sequestration work?

Ever wondered how carbon gets from the atmosphere down through plants and into the soil? Our expert illustrates the soil carbon cycle that facilitates the creation of high-quality carbon credits.

  • Living Map: What does regenerative practice adoption look like today?

Indigo combines remote sensing, historical data, and good old boots-on-the ground insights to understand what beneficial farming practices are in use across the country. This month we look at regenerative practices in the fields surrounding Harlan, Indiana.

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Indigo Carbon is a scalable climate solution where farmers are the heroes. It is backed by science, driven by technology, and supports sustainability across the supply chain. Our program has over a dozen corporate supporters and counting, deploys two rigorous measurement protocols, and helps thousands of farmers. Contact:

Indigo Agriculture

Indigo Agriculture

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