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Qualcomm’s 2023 Corporate Responsibility Report: Empowering Digital Transformation

Qualcomm’s 2023 Corporate Responsibility Report: Empowering Digital Transformation

Published 04-05-24

Submitted by Qualcomm Inc.

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Originally published in Qualcomm's 2023 Corporate Responsibility Report

We are an invention company that solves fundamental technology problems at the heart of everyday life.

Our inventions have helped power the adoption of smartphones, connecting billions of people to each other and the internet. We make our connected world — and future — possible by pushing the boundaries of AI, VR, connectivity and more.

We are a global leader in the development and commercialization of foundational technologies for the wireless industry. Our technologies and products are used across industries in applications ranging from mobile handsets to automotive to Internet of Things (IoT) and more.

We share our inventions broadly through our licensing program — enabling wide ecosystem access to technologies at the forefront of innovation — and through the sale of our wireless integrated circuit platforms and other products.

We believe in good faith license negotiations and fair value for our patented technologies. We believe this approach to licensing creates efficiency in the ecosystem and reflects the value and innovation that our research, developments and contributions provide. We collaborate across the ecosystem, which includes manufacturers, operators, developers, system integrators, cloud providers, tool vendors, service providers, governments and industry standards organizations, to enable a global environment to drive continued progress and growth.

We inspire the development of regionally relevant use cases of advanced 4G and 5G connectivity, AI at the network edge and IoT through deep-technology incubators and mentorship programs for early-stage startups in many emerging regions, including India, Taiwan, Vietnam and across Africa.

We invest heavily in research and development (R&D), have a long history of driving innovation and have developed foundational technologies that help drive the continued evolution of the wireless industry.

We bring advanced wireless technology to people and communities who need it most, facilitating new business models and unlocking societal benefits that serve the greater good.

The technology development at the foundation of our solutions is governed by our Technical Business Review (TBR) process with oversight by our Chief Technology Officer. The goal of the TBR process is to align long-term technology development with product (application-specific integrated circuit and software) roadmaps. The output of the TBR results is guidance for the development of industry-leading technology roadmaps, which feed into the Company’s one technology roadmap and span processing, connectivity, visual and rendering technologies, AI, security and system-level technologies needed for multiple product categories, industries and applications (e.g., mobile, compute, automotive, connected systems and networking)

2025 Goals

Reduce power consumption by 10 percent every year7 in our flagship Snapdragon Mobile Platform products.

Enrich the lives of 27 million people8 by continuing to bring technology to underserved communities around the world through Wireless Reach, measured against 2006 base year.

Continue to foster the next generation of innovators by inspiring 1.5 million students and teachers across the globe through our STEM initiatives, from a 2020 base year.

7 Given equivalent features. 
8 Defined as direct and indirect beneficiaries.

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