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Congratulations to Cadence's 2023 Women in Technology Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to Cadence's 2023 Women in Technology Scholarship Recipients

Published 03-12-24

Submitted by Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Cadence is pleased to congratulate the 12 recipients of Cadence’s 2023 Women in Technology Scholarship, highlighting their achievements and sharing their inspirational academic journeys.

In a year of phenomenal growth for the Cadence Diversity in Technology Scholarship program, submissions to the Women in Technology Scholarship reached the highest-ever total number of student applicants. Recognized by our selection committee as accomplished women in their field, we are proud to support these recipients in their work in pursuit of technical degrees. Each of our recipients was awarded a scholarship based on their strong academic records, work in the community, leadership potential, and recommendations from professors. Get to know our impressive class of future innovators by reading more about their journeys below.

Hear directly from the students in a short video as they dive into their personal experiences, post-graduation goals, and what drives them to shape the world of technology.

Thank you to everyone who submitted applications this year, we hope to continue to reach STEM students from underrepresented groups with our upcoming scholarships. We also want to thank the talented individuals who were selected for sharing their inspiring stories and expressing how these programs have positively impacted their studies. We look forward to seeing where their passions take them next.

Arisa Chue,
Stanford University

“My academic interests include exploring the intersection of the abstract concepts of linguistics and the concrete subject of natural language processing (NLP). From the basics of using artificial intelligence to translate our speech, I am researching how machines can better comprehend our jargon. More specifically, discovering ways, for we as programmers, to improve these machines and increase their capabilities.”

Ecy King,
Stanford University

“My educational computer science comic book, Bit by Bit, will be published globally by the Stanford University Press on June 4, 2024. I am very much looking forward to being more involved with that post-grad. Ideally, I would pursue something that is technical, creative, and educational, maybe in the tech, EdTech, or educational sector. In the meantime, I am on the lookout for opportunities, spaces, and places that inspire me to continue to grow while making a positive impact in the world.”

Hyunsu Chae,
University of Texas at Austin

“After graduation, I would like to secure an industry position, preferably in R&D. I would like to apply my research and the knowledge I’ve gained through academics to real-world scenarios and provide insight to practical challenges within the field, leading to innovation. In the long term, I would like to contribute to the academic community, particularly back in Korea. I hope to engage with young aspiring engineers, share my experiences, and provide guidance serving as a mentor while representing women in engineering.”

Iwinosa Aideyan,
Clemson University

“Embrace your uniqueness and leverage it as a source of strength. Don't be discouraged by challenges or stereotypes. Seek mentors and allies who can provide guidance and support. Be proactive in finding opportunities, whether through internships, clubs, or research projects. Your perspective is valuable, and your presence can drive positive change in the field. Stay resilient, believe in yourself, and remember that diversity and inclusion are essential for innovation and progress in the world of engineering. Your journey will inspire others.”

Layla Ghalayini,
Georgia Institute of Technology

“I was inspired [to study a technical field] by the seemingly infinite possibilities to enact positive change in my community and the world! There are many resources available to support you on your journey—you just have to find them and take advantage of the opportunities. Do not be afraid to ask for help.”

Lily Chen,
Massachusetts Institue of Technology

“I’ve loved math since I was young, which led me to study mathematics and computer science in college. Furthermore, I am inspired by the AI researchers and innovators of our time. Looking back on my academic journey, I would advise future students in STEM to find experienced mentors, as well as connect and collaborate with peers.”

Mansi Sood,
Carnegie Mellon University

“The scholarship will provide immense support in my academic journey, and it will also help me pursue initiatives aimed at making educational opportunities and resources accessible to all. It is helpful to invest in building a strong support network. Actively seek mentors who can guide and inspire you and, in turn, become a mentor to others, creating a cycle of support and growth.”

Nishith Chakraborty,
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

“Upon completing my studies, my intention is to assume the role of an assistant professor in electrical and computer engineering. I perceive this as the most effective avenue for me to engage in cutting-edge research and positively influence the lives of students, particularly those hailing from underrepresented communities. I am confident that my personal experiences can offer valuable support to individuals facing challenges in this field.”

Precious Kolawole,
Carleton University

“Unlike many other people’s stories, I wasn’t exposed to technology while growing up, which was influenced by my family’s inability to afford electronics and gadgets. Studying medicine has been my childhood dream, but I subsequently was accepted to study physiotherapy at a Nigerian university three years after high school. However, my brother introduced me to technology during the three-year waiting period. My interest in studying a technical field was sparked and started to take shape when I saw the possibilities of combining medicine with technology. I also realized the extent to which healthcare could be made more accessible via the applications of artificial intelligence. Therefore, I left my medical degree program to pursue a bachelor’s in computer science at Carleton University in Canada.”

Promise Ekpo,
Cornell University

“My PhD research investigates techniques to enable safe cooperation and ensure alignment between humans and robots while collaborating in team settings. My long-term goal is to evolve into a reinforcement learning researcher who actively contributes to addressing safety concerns in robotic systems by developing algorithms. Post-graduation, I plan to pursue a robotics research career in the industry.”

Saba Mansour,
Cornell University

“I believe that academia plays one of the most decisive roles in reducing inequality. Thus, my advice for students from underrepresented groups is to not let any negative thoughts affect what major they choose to study or how big they dream. Instead, they should feel encouraged to participate more in all aspects of society. Everyone has the right to choose their desired academic journey and higher education is available to all talented students.”

Sneha Narasimhan,
North Carolina State University

“My post-graduation plans involve pursuing a research-oriented position working on real-world engineering problems. I am eager to apply the knowledge and skills I've gained during my studies to contribute to advancements in my field. Furthermore, I aim to actively volunteer within the power electronics community, working towards fostering inclusivity and generating additional opportunities for underrepresented groups, as giving back is important to me.”

Learn more about the Diversity in Technology Scholarship Program and check out our past recipients.

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