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5G Smart School With WeSchool and Qualcomm Wireless Reach

5G Smart School With WeSchool and Qualcomm Wireless Reach

Published 12-19-23

Submitted by Qualcomm Inc.

Qualcomm is committed to connecting more people around the world and creating a brighter, more interconnected future through Qualcomm® Wireless Reach™. As part of that mission, Qualcomm Wireless Reach partnered with WeSchool to developthe 5G Smart School program, which gives students and teachers across Italy access to wireless devices and 5G fixed wireless access.

In this video, see inside one of the 5G Smart Schools in Italy. As one educator explains, students need digital skills and tools to thrive in the future workplace. By connecting students and teachers with wireless devices, including always connected laptops and other tools like VR headsets and online learning platforms, children get to embrace a new way of learning.

Using Telecom Italia’s 5G fixed wireless access or millimeter wave network, students can work from anywhere with 5G connectivity, and educators can embrace innovative teaching methodologies. Thanks to the 5G Smart School program, educators saw noticeable learning improvement — not only in students’ digital literacy, but also in their soft skills. Collaboration, problem solving, and project management abilities all improved dramatically after the introduction of digital technologies into the classroom.

With online learning platforms, VR headsets, always connected laptops, and strong 5G connectivity, teachers are able to revolutionize education for their students. Through the 5G Smart School program, Qualcomm Wireless Reach and WeSchool will continue to improve connectivity and education across Italy.

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