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Allianz on the Road to Paris: “We Want To Spread the Spirit of Paris to the World”

Allianz on the Road to Paris: “We Want To Spread the Spirit of Paris to the World”

Published 12-13-23

Submitted by International Olympic Committee

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As the countdown to the Olympic Games Paris 2024 continues, the Worldwide Olympic Partners are preparing to play a fundamental role in making the Games a success. In our Road to Paris series, these Partners talk about some of the essential support they will be providing and reveal their excitement at helping to shape an unforgettable Olympic experience for fans and athletes alike. Here, we speak with Eike Bürgel, the Global Head of Olympic & Paralympic Programme at Allianz.

What is Allianz most looking forward to about the Olympic Games Paris 2024?

The Olympic Games Paris 2024 will be the first Summer Games for Allianz. After COVID-19, we will see full stadiums again. We will see fans cheering and that will be amazing.

Allianz is very much looking forward to the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024 to excite our customers, to excite the Olympic and Paralympic fans, to see our athletes competing and to get our employees involved.

Person stands in front of blurred stadium
Photo courtesy of Allianz

Allianz has launched a dedicated campaign for the Road to Paris. Could you explain the main concept?

For us, as a Partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements, it is important that we are not only activating during each Games, but also during the time in between: the so-called “flame-to-flame” period.

That is why we created our Road to Paris campaign, which aligns with our brand platform: Get Ready For The Best.

Get Ready For The Best stands for how Allianz can prepare its customers, potential consumers, but also athletes and the Olympic and Paralympic Movements for Paris 2024. We will have various activities to support athletes on their Road to Paris and fans to get to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. We’re also keen to involve our employees.

What are the key objectives of the campaign?

Athletes are at the heart of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements. Therefore, athletes are the core of our Road to Paris.

In addition to that, we have three priorities with the Road to Paris activations. First, it’s about communication and our campaign – how the Games can be brought to life and how we can spread the spirit of Paris to the world.

Secondly, it's about MoveNow. MoveNow is an initiative that we founded together with the International Olympic and Paralympic Committees, and it is all about bringing kids and teenagers back to sport after COVID. So, there will be multiple initiatives that enable kids to get involved and try out Olympic and Paralympic sports.

Our third priority is about our sales programme and about our employees – to bring the spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to our employees and agents. We have a volunteer and a ticketing programme coming up, and we will also launch various activations to connect athletes to our employees, so they can participate in and learn about the Olympic and Paralympic Movements. It's all about transferring the spirit of the Paris 2024 Games.

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