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Pizza Hut China Partners With Beijing Aita Animal Protection Foundation To Promote Stray Animal Caring and Adoption

Pizza Hut China Partners With Beijing Aita Animal Protection Foundation To Promote Stray Animal Caring and Adoption

Published 11-16-23

Submitted by Yum China

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For the second consecutive year, Pizza Hut China has teamed up with the Beijing Aita Animal Protection Foundation, known in Chinese as "Tajijin." This collaboration is a testament to Pizza Hut's innovative approach to diversify its operations and its dedication to fulfilling its social welfare responsibilities.

Building on last year's success, Pizza Hut is expanding its pet-friendly restaurant network to 20 locations in 17 cities across China, providing unique dining experiences for customers and their pets. These restaurants are thoughtfully designed with pet-friendly amenities, including leash hooks and dedicated seating areas, ensuring a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for all guests.

This year, these pet-friendly Pizza Hut restaurants are undergoing further enhancements. Each pet-friendly restaurant will feature informative posters about Tajijin's adoption and donation platforms, raising awareness and fostering a culture of care among customers.

Moreover, these pet-friendly restaurants will continue to serve as vibrant hubs for pet owners, hosting various activities that promote stray animal caring and adoption. These include offline pet adoption drives and virtual adoption campaigns, promoting the message of ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop.’

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In some regions, Pizza Hut is introducing tailored initiatives to deepen community engagement. For instance, in Henan province, Pizza Hut has created a “Love and Care” brochure, covering essential topics on pet adoption and care. This brochure will be gifted to customers dining at Pizza Hut's pet-friendly restaurants, providing valuable information and promoting responsible pet ownership.

In Chengdu, Pizza Hut's pet-friendly restaurant offers an educational experience, featuring stories from pet adopters and advice from experienced pet doctors. This initiative is complemented by an "Adoption Showcase Zone," which facilitates on-site adoptions and provides real-time information on pets available for adoption.

In Tianjin, the "Must Love Pets" charity market, a collaboration with local stray animal welfare organizations, exemplifies Pizza Hut's innovative approach to community involvement. This event features a pet sports day and a marketplace where proceeds from sold pet items benefit animal welfare organizations.

Pizza Hut's dedication to animal protection extends beyond these initiatives. The brand also actively contributes to shelters, operates a support platform, and organizes themed charity events with the aim of making a positive impact on the lives of stray animals.

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