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Anker Research Institute at IDH Living Wage Summit

Living Wage as a Right: Salient Concerns in its Implementation

Anker Research Institute at IDH Living Wage Summit

Living Wage as a Right: Salient Concerns in its Implementation

Published 11-21-22

Submitted by Social Accountability International


7th December, 2022 - Brussels

Living Wage as a Right: Salient Concerns in its Implementation

November 21, 2022 /CSRwire/ - The Anker Research Institute is pleased to announce their participation at the IDH Living Wage Summit in Brussels on the 7th of December and is eager to invite everyone to join their session ‘Living Wage as a Right’. Representatives of firms and workers, together with officials from the standard-setting organization Fair Labor Association, and a senior researcher from the Anker Research Institute, will consider some of the salient concerns that promote and impede the payment of living wages, and how viable strategies could be constructed for the fulfillment of the stated goal of realizing the disbursement of living wages soon.

Speakers will include: Azfar Khan, Senior Researcher at Anker Research Institute. Olav Boenders, Managing Director at Wagagai Farms, Uganda. Maurice van Beers, Strategic Policy advisor/ Regional Coordinator Latin America at CNV International and Tiffany Rogers, Director of Fair Compensation and Member Engagement at Fair Labor Association (FLA).

To register for this event please visit IDH Living wage summit 2022.

About Anker Research Institute

The Anker Research Institute engages in and disseminates the highest quality research, analysis and training related to living wage and living income. It is best known for its robust Anker Methodology used in the full Anker Benchmark to measure living wages and living incomes around the world. They continually strive to expand the number of countries and locations for which full Anker Benchmark studies, Anker Reference Values and/or Anker Sub-National Estimates are available and to update all published estimates every year. The Anker Methodology is recognized as the “gold standard” by many leading organizations, including Fairtrade International, Rainforest Alliance, Social Accountability International, ISEAL, Living Income Community of Practice, Tiffany and Co., Patagonia, and many others.

For more information on the Anker Research Insititue and the Anker Methodology, please visit Anker Research Institute.

Anker Research Institute is a founding member of the Global Living Wage Coalition. For more information on GLWC and the Action Network please visit GLWC or contact


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