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Strive Mexico

Strive Mexico

Published 11-10-22

Submitted by Mastercard

A person holding a box of flowers. The Mastercard and strive logos in the right corner. "Strive Mexico Road to Resilience for MSEs"

The Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth

We are excited to announce the launch of Mastercard Strive Mexico, a new initiative focused on supporting small businesses in Mexico as they recover from the pandemic and adjust to a dynamic digital economy.

In collaboration with BFA Global and Fundación Capital, Strive Mexico intends to support 400,000 MSEs with a strong focus on women, over the next three years.

Strive Mexico will incorporate five proposed roads to resilience for MSEs in the digital economy:

  1. Focus on MSEs subsegments with clear resilience objectives
  2. Target industries where MSEs dominate and digitization is low
  3. Target women-owned MSEs on social networks
  4. Target the META subsegment as likely digital adopters
  5. Rally local partners in Mexico to champion MSEs and help them advance on the roads to resilience

Supporting MSEs in these targeted ways will help them access the tools and resources they need to become more resilient and grow and enable them to thrive in the post-pandemic economy.

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Originally published by The Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth

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