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Carbon Pricing Management Briefing "“ Complimentary Copy

Published 10-17-19

Submitted by Ethical Corporation

Carbon markets are now seen as a way to drive efficiencies in the economies of countries and have grown momentum among countries and business to bring down emissions and drive investment into cleaner alternatives.

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We have recently published 40-page management briefing on carbon pricing where we explore how business and governments are responding to this trend, and the criticism that offsetting should not be used as a prop to continue with a business that is fundamentally unsustainable
We hope this briefing will provide plenty of fresh insights for readers. Click here to download it
Some key themes of the management-pack include:

  • The resurgence of the EU carbon market
  • Boosting carbon prices for prices that are high enough to drive decisive climate action around the world
  • US business is pushing for a price on carbon as an alternative to regulation
  • China’s development of national carbon market &
  • Shell’s response about criticisms from environmental 

Once again you can download your complimentary copy of this 40-page management-briefing, simply click here
I hope you find it of value.
Best regards,

Brenda Staines
Programme Manager
Ethical Corporation
Tel: +44 (0) 207 375 7527

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