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Plastics Debate With Dow & Walgreen Boots Alliance

Published 11-13-18

Submitted by Ethical Corporation

Plastic has been an invention that has been seen until recent years as the perfect material for product packaging. However, its strengths are also its weakness. Businesses are increasingly looking at plastic reduction, closing the loop and finding more sustainable and less impactful substitutes.

To help you tackle the plastics and packing debate, 4 senior leaders are ready to share their strategies for innovation via an interactive webinar debate. Join Ethical Corporation on Wednesday, November 28th, at 9am ET for our free online webinar with:

  • John Kotlarczyk, Senior Director, CSR & Waste Reduction, Walgreen Boots Alliance
  • Jennifer Ronk, Sustainability & Advocacy Manager, Dow
  • Michael Colarossi, Vice President, Innovation & Sustainability, Avery Dennison
  • David Clark, VP, Sustainability, Amcor

Moderated by: Amy Glawe, Manager of Technology, Winpak Portion Packaging

In this 1-hour webinar, you will learn how innovative businesses are tackling the plastics challenge

  • Circular plastic – Closing the loop on plastic waste
  • Reducing your plastic use
  • Future packaging – Finding the substitute for plastic
  • Educate communities on plastic waste and recycling

Can’t join? Sign up anyway to receive the full post-webinar recordings:

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Ethical Corporation
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