January 17, 2020

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The Largest US Reforestation Carbon Credit Issuance

Submitted by: ACRE Investment Management

Categories: Environment, Green Products & Services

Posted: Jun 01, 2017 – 02:00 PM EST


THE PLAINS, Va., Jun. 01 /CSRwire/ - GreenTrees received the largest US reforestation carbon credit issuance for a single verification — over 1,000,000 metric tons by the American Carbon Registry, an enterprise of Winrock International.

GreenTrees, the largest carbon reforestation project in North America, is focused on restoring One Million Acres in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley. This area is known as America's Amazon because it is a flyway for 60% of all birds on the North American Continent, drains 41% of the US and is a major commercial artery.

“The whole focus of GreenTrees is about driving scale,” said Carey Crane, Co-Founder of GreenTrees. “Our vision is to restore one million acres back into America's Amazon - the Mississippi Alluvial Valley. With nearly 500 landowners and 120,000 acres under management, we are just getting started."

For over a decade, GreenTrees has been innovating and designing a platform company to create scaled impact on private lands, using its river system approach. The company was born from passion and commitment by the founding partners to achieve restoration on a scale and in a way that will create landscape change by sequestering carbon, purifying water and creating habitat that fosters biodiversity.

According to the IPCC, one-third of all carbon emissions since 1750 have come from land use change, predominately deforestation.  Reforestation unleashed in a programmatic and concentrated fashion is a technology that can scale and help to bend the climate curve.

In fact, the National Academy of Science studied all the technologies in laboratory and commercial development and deemed tree planting as the most scalable, lowest risk solution to combating climate change.

"Yes, Trees are a technology! And so are the tools to drive scale," said Jerry Van Voorhis, CEO of GreenTrees. "Today marks a milestone in our march to a million acres and demonstrates our ability to drive scale!”

About GreenTrees:

GreenTrees is part of the ACRE Investment Management platform (AIM) whose mission is to Reprice The Earth by Putting a Price and Value on Our Natural Capital and by linking the biological world to the transactional one, creating a flywheel for scaled conservation both in the US and Globally. www.acre-investment.com and www.green-trees.com

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