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Blue Mountain Brewery and GreenTrees Partner to Plant Over 8,000 Trees

Published 05-11-17

Submitted by ACRE Investment Management

Mary Jane Meehan of Aldie, VA enjoys a Full Nelson IPA at one Ales to Acorn Event

In honor of Earth Week Blue Mountain Brewery, located in Afton, VA, partnered with GreenTrees, of The Plains, VA, to plant 8,703 trees in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley. 

With every pull of the tap handle a tree was planted during the one-week Ales to Acorns program. The goal of Ales to Acorns was to provide patrons of Blue Mountain Brewery the opportunity to celebrate Earth Week in a way that made a material impact on the world and at the same time highlight the interconnectedness of beer, water, trees, and climate change.  Beer making is a water intensive undertaking.  Forests naturally filter and store water. Trees also soak up the carbon dioxide that is put into the atmosphere making reforestation an authentic solution to address climate change.  

Mandi Smack of Blue Mountain Brewery shared, “we were thrilled to team up with GreenTrees and the Arbor Day Foundation for the Ales to Acorns fundraiser.  Since opening in 2007, we have been very conscious of how our operations affect Mother Earth.  This was by far the biggest and most successful fundraiser we have done at Blue Mountain.  We hope that our contribution will help offset the impact our business has on this beautiful Earth.”

Customers also had the opportunity to make additional contributions to plant even more trees than those associated with the beer they purchased in Blue Mountain Brewery’s taproom.  On two evenings patrons were treated to a viewing of the Emmy-winning film, “Chasing Ice”, which chronicles, through time-lapse photography, the extreme impacts of climate change on glaciated regions around the world.  “I walked away from the event having had a good time and learned so much.  I wish there were more opportunities like this,” Commented one attendee at the Ales to Acorns event.

By connecting beer sales with tree planting consumers have the power to change the world for the better just by enjoying their beer of choice.  Collectively, all of those actions make a big impact.  “It is our hope that more businesses will follow the lead of Blue Mountain Brewery in offering consumers a way improve the health of our environment in the normal course of business,” said Sarah McDonough Director of Marketing at GreenTrees.

The program was the first time Blue Mountain Brewery and GreenTrees have worked together on such an initiative.  Both sides look forward to continuing to collaborate to reforest America by harnessing the collective power of small transactions.

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ACRE Investment Management

ACRE Investment Management, LLC (AIM) is a wholly owned investment platform created by C2I, LLC. The AIM platform is designed to both deploy the ACRE mechanism across a portfolio of companies while driving scaled impact into the restoration economy.

The ACRE (Advanced Carbon Restored Ecosystem) represents all the environmental and conservation attributes associated with the restoration and/or conservation of one physical acre of property. We recognize that there is a genius to nature. Ultimately, ACRE is about putting a price and value on its services—water, wildlife, carbon and so much more.

A recent study commissioned by C2I, the parent company of AIM, states that reforestation brought to scale around the world can sequester as much as 15% of the world’s current emission output. This scale will lead to a ten-percent reduction of of Global Mean Temperature (GMT) in absolute terms.

As the world races to prevent a 2 degree C rise of GMT, reforestation is the only immediately scalable solution. Given 1/3 of all the emissions has come from deforestation, it only makes sense that we embrace the power of nature and restore ecosystems around the world and do it on scale.

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