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Police Officer Michael Carney Tells Story of Anti-Gay Discrimination Within Police Force to Midweek Politics' David Pakman

Wins multi-year battle for his job, testifies before multiple Congressional committees

Published 04-16-10

Submitted by The David Pakman Show

Only weeks after the controversial appearance by discredited anti-gay sex research Paul Cameron on Midweek Politics with David Pakman, an interview that made national headlines spanning from The Huffington Post and YouTube to countless gay rights blogs, Springfield, Massachusetts veteran police officer Michael Carney appeared on the nationally syndicated program to tell a different story. Carney previously left the force as a result of the emotional strain that being a closeted homosexual created, and was refused reinstatement to the force after deciding to come put publicly.

Carney's case, which ended with his reinstatement to the police force of one of the most dangerous cities in the United States after a multi-year legal battle, came to a head with testimony at the request of Congressmen Barney Frank (D-MA) and Richard Neal (D-MA) related to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Carney stated to David Pakman, the creator of Midweek Politics, that if he "was a federal officer, or didn't live in Massachusetts," he likely would have lost his battle.

The interview via Carney can be heard via audio podcast on the Midweek Politics website, and watched [Part 1 | Part 2] on YouTube. Carney appeared on the same episode of Midweek Politics as Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, running for re-election in 2010, and Congressman Richard Neal (D-MA), also up for re-election in November.

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Midweek Politics is currently the largest program in the country originating in Massachusetts, as well as the largest program hosted by an individual as young as Pakman, currently 26. Midweek Politics first aired in August 2005 on WXOJ in Northampton, Massachusetts. While an undergraduate student at the University of Massachusetts, during his time as an intern at the Media Education Foundation, Pakman began the evolution of a local version of Midweek Politics on WXOJ that would soon become a national success. Since June 2009 Pakman has been working with nationally syndicated progressive talk radio host Thom Hartmann, Pakman has partnered and distributed Thom's radio program to Pacifica Radio Network and other public radio stations, and established distribution of Thom's half hour TV show, The Big Picture, on television stations throughout the country. Midweek Politics online: and on Facebook and Twitter.

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