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Strategic Sustainability Consulting Completes Fourth Green Auditor Certification Class "“ Expands to Canada

With more than 50 certified SSC Green Auditors across North America, clients have increased resources to local sustainability professionals

Published 09-16-09

Submitted by Strategic Sustainability Consulting

Strategic Sustainability Consulting (SSC) announced the conclusion of the fourth SSC Green Auditor certification course since the program's inception in 2008. Twelve environmental consultants from around the U.S., and one from Vancouver, Canada, have completed their training and are now authorized to use the SSC Green Audit methodology with their clients. The 13 certified green auditors will also receive preferential status when SSC seeks contractors for its own engagements. SSC now has a total of 54 certified green auditors across North America. (For a map of current SSC Green Auditors, see

The SSC Green Auditor certification evolved out of a growing need for consistent, reliable Green Audit methodology. Because every environmental consultant had developed their own approach, clients weren't exactly sure what they were getting when they began searching for a green audit provider. The SSC Green Audit methodology solves that problem, allowing certified SSC Green Auditors to deliver a clear set of recommendations, and a carbon footprint that is benchmarked against each organization's peer group.

Using SSC's proprietary methodology and tools, certified SSC Green Auditors help organizations:

  • Determine employees' attitudes and awareness about "going green"
  • Calculate their carbon footprint
  • Assess environmental strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement
  • Provide relevant, cost-effective, and impactful green recommendations

"It's been great to see the SSC Green Auditor training gain traction," said SSC President Jennifer Woofter. "With local certified auditors all across the US-and now even in Canada-every organization has the ability to get professional help in going green."

"The SSC Green Auditor certification program provided me with a clear and standardized methodology, which helps my clients understand what they are receiving in their office assessment," said Bobby Croghan, founder of CROGS LC and recently certified SSC Green Auditor. "Clients understand that this process is about greening their internal practices, which can lead to a more efficient use of resources, possible savings, and a baseline of where they are compared to their peers and how they can improve. Great program, great network, great owner, and great guidance-the SSC Green Audit has really helped me to develop my own sustainability consulting business."

To learn more about the SSC Green Audit methodology and our auditors, visit
To learn more about becoming a Certified SSC Green Auditor, visit

The next certified green auditor class will be offered January 27-29th in Austin, Texas.

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Strategic Sustainability Consulting provides under-resourced organizations with the tools and expertise needed to understand and manage their social and environmental impacts. Through sustainability assessments, green office auditing, supply chain management, stakeholder consultations, sustainability disclosure and social marketing, SSC helps organizations embrace their larger societal responsibilities and be the good corporate citizens to which they aspire. Find out more at

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Strategic Sustainability Consulting

Strategic Sustainability Consulting provides organizations with the tools and expertise they need to actively manage their social and environmental impacts. We specialize in helping under-resourced organizations implement sustainable solutions usually reserved for large, multinational companies. Visit our website at for more information.

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