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Just Announced: Top Cause-Related Marketing Expert to Moderate Session November 21st at Ethical Corporation's 'How to Make Ethical Branding Work' Conference in London

Published 11-01-06

Submitted by Reuters Events Sustainable Business

LONDON--Sue Adkins, author and International Director for Business in the Community, is set to lead a panel discussion on cause-related marketing (CRM) taking place the afternoon of November 21st at the 'How to Make Ethical Branding Work' conference in London. She brings her wealth of expertise and experience to this frank discussion that will aim to determine whether cause-related marketing works.

In this day of increased awareness of Corporate Responsibility, it is time to take an honest look at cause-related marketing. Should a company donate to good causes or simply be good?

As consumers demand greater corporate accountability, cause-related marketing is being touted as an important strategy. In her book Cause Related Marketing: Who cares wins, Sue Adkins explains "In an environment where price and quality are increasingly equal, where reputation and standing for something beyond the functional benefits of a product or service is all, brands are constantly competing for customer loyalty and consumer attention."

But it's not as simple as choosing a charity or cause and having the creatives draw up a few ads.

Joining Sue Adkins will be Compassion in World Farming's Rowen West-Henzell, Food Policy Officer. Together they'll lead an exposé of cause-related marketing that will highlight how to measure tangible results, not to mention how to build synergies between CRM and consumer communications.

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