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Ethical Corporation Releases Free Report on Leading Business Schools and Universities Offering Corporate Responsibility Related Education

Published 05-15-06

Submitted by Reuters Events Sustainable Business

LONDON. Ethical Corporation, in association with the European Academy of Business, publishes a review of corporate responsibility education, profiling leading business schools and universities for CSR courses and modules.

With calls for greater accountability by companies with regard to their social and environment impacts, more and more business schools and universities are
offering courses to meet the demand for greater corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Ethical Corporation, together with EABIS, today announces the release of a one stop publication reporting on the rise of business ethics teaching in business schools and academic institutions. Featuring guest pieces from London Business School and Haas School of Business, the report covers the major trends and developments in CSR education, and analyses the world's leading academic institutions offering CSR related courses.

Designed especially for people considering a Masters in a sustainability-type course, an MBA with a CSR focus, or executive education courses for their in-house CSR team, the report features articles on the following:

  • The rise of business ethics in academic institutions
  • Development of sustainability education over past 20 years.
  • Mainstreaming CSR education
  • Business Schools in Europe offering CSR courses.
  • Business school initiatives around CSR
  • Teaching ethics to European MBA's
  • Business Schools in North America teaching sustainability
  • Guest pieces from leading corporate responsibility academics
  • MBA's and Beyond Grey Pinstripes: what does it all mean?
  • Business Schools in Latin America teaching sustainability.
  • Business Schools in Asia teaching sustainability.

    A PDF version of the report can be downloaded at:

    Queries can be directed to David Embelton at +44 20 375 7174, or

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