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PCI Announces 2007 "My Community" Radio Award Winners

Published 02-12-07

Submitted by PCI-Media Impact

February 12, 2007 "“ PCI, a global not-for-profit producer of TV and radio shows in over 25 countries, today announced 12 winning radio projects. The awardees - known as "My Community Radio Innovators" - will each produce and broadcast an original radio drama that targets critical health and poverty issues in their community. Each winner will receive funding and technical assistance from PCI to produce, broadcast, and evaluate their radio project.

PCI's My Community Program expands the organization's network of partners throughout Mexico and Central and South America. Starting in April, PCI is set to run in Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru. With these additions, PCI will have 31 shows on-air in 9 Latin American countries.

"This is an exciting time for PCI as it discovers even more imaginative ways to fund and support innovative media projects "“ projects that truly need to be realized," said PCI Executive Director, Michael Castlen. "With a regular weekly audience estimated at 3.3 million, our programs will have an even greater impact on improving health and reducing poverty in the region."

The 12 winning projects - all of which will be locally produced - were selected from a pool of applicants that have completed PCI's Entertainment-Education and Social Marketing training program. Finalists were chosen based on a criterion that measured creativity, innovation, sustainability, and potential impact.

PCI will continue to produce shows that focus on sexual and reproductive health, family planning and women's empowerment issues. With the new radio shows, however, PCI has broadened its thematic concerns. Covering topics like adolescent education, environmental conservation and access to heath care, PCI programs have expanded to touch new audiences in need of different public health messages.

"The creativity and passion evident in each of the 12 winning projects represents a new level of programming," said PCI Programs Director, Natalia Vaccarezza. "These shows deal with a range of issues, from food scarcity to HIV/AIDS to the protection of natural resources, and yet all have tremendous cultural resonance in the country where they're being developed and produced. It's not broadcast for broadcast's sake. It's about impact...finding creative solutions to real problems."

For a complete listing of PCI "My Community" radio award winners by region, please click here.

For more information about "My Community" - Latin America, please click here.

About PCI

PCI is at the forefront of innovative social change communications programming. Working with local partners worldwide, we produce carefully researched and culturally sensitive radio and television shows that combine the power of storytelling with the reach of broadcast media. Our programs spark individual and community action on health, environmental and human rights issues. PCI is also a leading technical assistance provider to governments, NGOs and foundations. Since our founding in 1985, we have worked with local partners around the world to produce more than 45 radio and television programs in 25 countries. From Mexico to India and to Kenya to China, PCI has been: "Telling Stories, Saving Lives." For more information, please visit PCI’s website at

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PCI-Media Impact

PCI-Media Impact

PCI-Media Impact is at the forefront of innovative social change communications programming. Its pioneering approach uses creative media, the power of storytelling and the reach of broadcast media to mobilize individual, community and political action in the areas of sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, environmental conservation and sustainable development, human rights and democracy.

For over twenty years, its programming has captured people's imagination. Media Impact has trained hundreds of organizations and community leaders in the effective use of media. Working with media professionals, it has completed more than 242 productions, including radio and television serial dramas, comic books, documentaries and public service announcements reaching hundreds of millions of people in 27 countries around the world.

From Mexico to India, Kenya to China, Media Impact has been: "Telling Stories, Saving Lives." For more information, please visit the website at

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