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Corporate Social Responsibility and Workplace Standards: Responsible Strategies for Global Sourcing

Corporate Social Responsibility and Workplace Standards: Responsible Strategies for Global Sourcing

Published 09-16-04

Submitted by Social Accountability International

NEW YORK - We are pleased to announce that Social Accountability International (SAI) will convene its Sixth Annual Conference, "Corporate Social Responsibility and Workplace Standards: Responsible Strategies for Global Sourcing," on October 18, 2004 in New York City.

The SAI conference provides a multi-stakeholder forum for dialogue in advancing social accountability. This year's event will focus on the latest developments where supply chain management and workplace accountability intersect, including:

  • Integrating Social Compliance Programs With Sourcing Practices
  • Activating Stakeholder Partnerships: Going Beyond Talk to Build Effective Programs
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in China
  • Trends in Public Reporting on Corporate Social Responsibility

    Confirmed speakers to date include Jeffrey Swartz, President & CEO, Timberland; Barbara Krumsiek, President & CEO, Calvert Group; Neil Kearney, General Secretary of the International Textile Garment and Leather Workers Federation; Sandra Polaski, Senior Associate and Project Director, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Riccardo Bagni, Vice President, Coop Italia, and other dynamic speakers from such organizations as CARE USA, Dole Europe, Gap, Inc., Li & Fung, McDonald's, Otto, and more.

    The conference will be followed by SAI's Annual Benefit Dinner, a gala event at the Tavern on the Green. Proceeds from the dinner will benefit the work of Social Accountability International. SAI is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve workplaces and communities by developing and promoting socially responsible standards. SAI coordinated development and implementation of SA8000, a leading workplace standard with certified facilities across 40 countries and 40 industries.

    We greatly respect your organization's work and hope that you will help support SAI by promoting our October 18th event to your constituents.

    We ask that you consider becoming a Promotional Sponsor for SAI's Sixth Annual Conference. As a Promotional Sponsor you will receive:

  • Listing with logo as a Promotional Sponsor on all Conference materials.
  • Posting about your organization or upcoming event in SAI's e-Update
    that goes to about 2,000 corporate, NGO and government representatives around the world.
  • Web Link with logo for your organization on SAI's web site.

    In exchange, SAI asks that you promote SAI's Conference in the following ways:

  • Web Link on your website to SAI's Conference web page:
  • Announcement about SAI's Conference in your upcoming newsletter(s).

    I have attached a brief announcement to this email as an example.

    For further information about the conference, visit or contact Lisa Bernstein at +212-684-1414, extension 204, via fax at +212-684-1515, or via email at

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    Social Accountability International

    Social Accountability International

    Founded in 1997, Social Accountability International (SAI) is a global non-governmental organization with a mission to advance human rights at work. SAI’s vision is of decent work everywhere—sustained by an understanding that socially responsible workplaces benefit business while securing fundamental human rights. SAI empowers workers and managers at all levels of businesses and supply chains, using its multi-industry SA8000® Standard, as well as Social Fingerprint®, TenSquared, and other training and capacity-building programs. SAI is a leader in policy and implementation, working together with a diverse group of stakeholders, including brands, suppliers, governments, trade unions, non-profits, and academia.

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