April 04, 2020

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Fair Trade is trade that satisfies criteria re. the supply chain of the goods involved, usually including fair payment for producers and other social and environmental considerations. It's part of an organized social movement which promotes standards for international labor, environmentalism, and social policy in commerce between developed and undeveloped countries.

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What You Need to Know About How Johnson & Johnson's Supply Chain Is Responding to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Published: Apr 03, 2020 – 10:00 AM EST

Apr. 03 /CSRwire/ - Originally published on jnj.com The effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic are undeniable. As the world rapidly learns to adapt to an ever-changing landscape, Johnson & Johnson's supply chain, which produces everything from contact lenses to prescription medications to...

New Guidance From Fairtrade Boosts Action to Protect Farmers and Workers During COVID-19 Pandemic

Published: Apr 01, 2020 – 02:49 PM EST

BONN, Germany, Apr. 01 /CSRwire/ - Fairtrade International announced increased flexibility in its standards to enable producer organizations to take immediate action to protect the health and livelihoods of farmers, workers and their communities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. "Many farmers and...

Different Shades of Cocoa

Published: Mar 30, 2020 – 03:34 PM EST

Mar. 30 /CSRwire/ - By Darrell High, Head of Nestlé Cocoa Plan From the road, we could see some dead forest trees emerging above the cocoa canopy. With their branchless and barkless trunks, the dead trees cut an ominous figure, contrasting with the...

Keys to Accelerating Your COVID-19 Drug Campaign

Published: Mar 30, 2020 – 11:15 AM EST

Mar. 30 /CSRwire/ - Industry leaders are jousting with questions of how to quickly evaluate new and repurposed drugs while simultaneously readying their operations for rapid transformation. Novel partnerships between private R&D teams and public health agencies are emerging to address the "discovery"...

Ecocentricity Blog: Price Wars

Published: Mar 26, 2020 – 06:02 PM EST

This is a great time for the country to shift its economic priorities. Rather than try to lead the world in producing oil, what if the U.S. instead focused on leading the world in renewable energy?

Supply Chain Sustainability Is a Core Strategy for Driving Impact on Growth, Valuation, Brand, and Society

Published: Mar 26, 2020 – 08:00 AM EST

Mar. 26 /CSRwire/ - Pressure is mounting for companies to add value to society. Sustainability leaders and C-suite execs are on the hot seat - and not only those making public commitments like UN Global Compact, the SDGs, SBTi, "net zero" pledges, and...

Consumer Trends and What They Mean for Pet Food Processing

Published: Mar 25, 2020 – 08:27 AM EST

Mar. 25 /CSRwire/ - The US pet food market is booming. In 2018, Americans spent more than $30 billion on food of a total $72 billion spent on pets, according to the American Pet Products Association. Pets are becoming full-fledged members of more...

COVID-19: How Fair Trade USA Is Responding and What You Can Do

Published: Mar 23, 2020 – 04:35 PM EST

Mar. 23 /CSRwire/ - How Fair Trade USA Is Responding to COVID-19 As the world mobilizes to stop the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, many people are searching for ways to support the economy and cultivate a sense of unity amid chaos. Business...

Victory Hemp Foods Announces New Strategic Partnership with International Ingredient Supplier Applied Food Sciences (AFS)

Published: Mar 19, 2020 – 03:54 PM EST

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Mar. 19 /CSRwire/ - Furthering their dedication to dramatically expand the range of products in which hemp grain can be used as ingredients, Louisville Kentucky-based Victory Hemp Foods recently announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership with Austin Texas-based...

Managing Supply Chain Disruptions in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Published: Mar 19, 2020 – 01:30 PM EST

Mar. 19 /CSRwire/ - The COVID-19 pandemic will have far-reaching implications, including supply chain disruptions for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Rightly so, most of the concern is currently on finding a vaccine and creating the process and facilities to manufacture it quickly, at-scale. But there...



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