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Renewable/Alternative Energy is any naturally occurring, theoretically inexhaustible source of energy, such as biomass, solar, wind, tidal, wave, and hydroelectric power that is not derived from fossil or nuclear fuel.

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Battery Project Will Stabilize Solar Power

Published: Dec 13, 2019 – 02:50 PM EST

WELLMAN, Iowa, Dec. 13 /CSRwire/ - A utility-scale battery in rural Wellman is helping Alliant Energy meet the needs of its customers, while also avoiding a rebuild of the local energy grid. "Battery storage has the potential to be a more cost-effective way...

Hormel Foods Announces the Completion of Solar Array at Its Swiss American Sausage Company Facility in California

Published: Dec 12, 2019 – 01:47 PM EST

AUSTIN, Minn., Dec. 12 /CSRwire/ - Hormel Foods Corporation (NYSE: HRL) and IGS Solar have announced the completion of the solar energy project at the Hormel Foods Swiss American Sausage Company facility in Lathrop, Calif. The completion was celebrated at a Flip the...

Geronimo Energy Announces Commercial Operation of 200 MW South Dakota Wind Farm

Published: Dec 10, 2019 – 05:36 PM EST

Dec. 10 /CSRwire/ - Geronimo Energy Announces Commercial Operation of 200 MW South Dakota Wind Farm Geronimo Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Grid Plc. Geronimo Energy (Geronimo), a wholly owned subsidiary of National Grid Plc (NYSE: NGG), announced today the...

U.S. Gain Partners with Brightmark Energy on Dairy RNG Sites

Published: Dec 03, 2019 – 08:00 AM EST

APPLETON, Wis., Dec. 03 /CSRwire/ - U.S. Gain, a leader in development, procurement and distribution of renewable natural gas (RNG) reaches an agreement to purchase dairy-based RNG from Brightmark Energy. Earlier this year, Brightmark Energy announced its investment in Madison, Wisconsin, Yakima County,...

U.S. Gain Purchases Digesters at Two Wisconsin Dairy Farms

Published: Dec 02, 2019 – 07:00 AM EST

APPLETON, Wis., Dec. 02 /CSRwire/ - U.S. Gain®, a leader in development, procurement and distribution of renewable natural gas (RNG) announces the purchase of anerobic digesters at two Wisconsin dairy farms, S&S Jerseyland Dairy LLC and Dallmann East River Dairy LLC, to expedite...

Three Actions to Change the Global Energy System and Stay Below 1.5°C

Published: Nov 21, 2019 – 09:23 AM EST

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Nov. 21 /CSRwire/ - Global carbon emissions must drop in half by 2030 and reach net zero in 2050 to avoid catastrophic climate change. A key solution is to replace energy from fossil fuels, which contributes 73% of global carbon emissions,...

Just Released: Accelerating Corporate Renewable Energy Engagement in China

Published: Nov 15, 2019 – 02:47 PM EST

Nov. 15 /CSRwire/ - In the last decade, multinational corporations have rapidly increased purchases of renewable electricity throughout their global operations in order to access competitive electricity prices and distinguish their brands through environmental leadership. China has become a major market for this...

Clean and Stable, Offshore Wind Can More Than Meet the World’s Electricity Needs

Published: Nov 11, 2019 – 09:30 AM EST

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Nov. 11 /CSRwire/ - The sun doesn't shine at night and the wind doesn't blow continuously, which makes intermittency an obstacle to adding more solar and wind energy to the grid. But the IEA's recent Offshore Wind Outlook 2019 says that...

eBay Teams Up with Apple, Samsung Austin Semiconductor and Sprint on a Renewable Energy Project

Published: Nov 05, 2019 – 06:09 PM EST

Nov. 05 /CSRwire/ - Today, eBay announced a joint agreement to purchase renewable energy with three other tech companies-Apple, Samsung and Sprint. The new project, called a virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA), will support Apex Clean Energy's White Mesa Wind Project in Crockett...

Just Released: 2019 Green-e Verification Report (2018 Data)

Published: Nov 01, 2019 – 02:09 PM EST

Nov. 01 /CSRwire/ - Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) released the 2019 Green-e Verification Report (2018 Data), which highlights the increasing role of Green-e certification in the growing U.S. retail renewable energy market and corporate sustainability initiatives. Green power markets set records in...



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