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IBM Releases 2023 IBM Impact Report

IBM Releases 2023 IBM Impact Report

Published 04-11-24

Issued by IBM


In 2023, IBM reduced operational GHG emissions, engaged millions of learners with free IBM training content, and helped accelerate responsible, transparent and explainable AI workflows.

Report Highlights

IBM announced the release of its 2023 IBM Impact report. The report summarizes the company’s ESG initiatives, partnerships and investments in 2023, making a lasting positive impact.

Over the last year, the world experienced widespread adoption of AI and other emerging technologies. IBMers have leveraged these technologies, creating new ways to address rising ethical challenges, empowering communities with skills, and protecting our environment while supporting our clients.

A few highlights from the 2023 IBM Impact report include:

  • Released watsonx.governance, a component of watsonx designed to accelerate responsible, transparent and explainable AI workflows, and leading the creation of the AI Alliance, an open community to accelerate responsible AI innovation.
  • Trained more than 600 suppliers in technology ethics, which is on track to meet our commitment to train 1,000 technology suppliers in technology ethics by 2025.
  • Engaged over 11 million learners with free IBM training content through our combined education initiatives since 2021, which is on track to meet our commitment to skill 30 million people by 2030.
  • Invested over $100 million towards apprenticeships and new-collar programs, since 2022.
  • Reduced operational greenhouse gas emissions by 68.5% against base year 2010, ahead of our goal of 2025 and on track to meet our operational net zero emissions goal by 2030.
  • Completed, since 2021, 2,130 energy conservation projects, avoiding an estimated 256,000 MWh of energy consumption.

“At IBM, we believe that technology is a catalyst to unlock new and more powerful ways to make a positive impact. Innovation can address evolving demands and create a better future as new ethical, societal, and environmental challenges arise,” said Justina Nixon-Saintil, Vice President and Chief Impact Officer, IBM. “We continue to focus on making a lasting impact by using the power of technology, such as AI.”

IBM leverages its resources and expertise to live its purpose of being a catalyst that makes the world work better. We have a long-standing commitment to trust, transparency, responsibility, and service, in which technology and innovation play a critical role in taking our positive impact further.

The IBM Impact Report 2023 report can be accessed here.

Media Contact:
Carmen San Segundo
Global Marketing and Communications Director for ESG and CSR at IBM



Innovation – joining invention and insight to produce important, new value – is at the heart of what we are as a company. And, today, IBM is leading an evolution in corporate citizenship by contributing innovative solutions and strategies that will help transform and empower our global communities.

Our diverse and sustained programs support education, workforce development, arts and culture, and communities in need through targeted grants of technology and project funds. To learn more about our work in the context of IBM's broader corporate responsibility efforts, please visit Innovations in Corporate Responsibility.

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