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The Joy of Food for a Better Life

The Joy of Food for a Better Life

Published 07-29-22

Issued by Barilla


Discover our sustainability journey updates, the key milestones achieved and how our brands are contributing to bring to life the new purpose “The joy of food for a better life”

Report Highlights

For its 145 years, Barilla renews its commitment to people and the planet, introducing a new Purpose to tell the essence of what is behind every single action: "The joy of food for a better life".

All the brands of the Group are already contributing to this journey, offering to people all around the world the pleasure and joy that well-made products with carefully selected ingredients can give them every day.

Among the main results achieved in 2021 included in the new sustainability report:

  • since 2010, 488 products reformulations to offer a better nutritional profile, reducing the amount of fat, sugar or salt, together with the expansion of the range of wholegrain and legume-based products;
  • 10,000+ farms involved in sustainable agriculture projects for the main ingredients: durum wheat, soft wheat, rye, tomato, basil and cocoa;
  • 70% of raw materials from sustainable supply chains;
  • 100% paper and cardboard from responsibly managed forests;
  • 99.7% of packaging designed to be recycled;
  • since 2010, reduction of CO2eq emissions by 31% per ton of finished product and four Carbon Neutral brands: Wasa, Gran Cereale, Harrys and Mulino Bianco;
  • since 2010, reduction of water consumption by 18% per ton of finished product;
  • 64% of electricity from renewable sources (Guarantee of Origin-certified);
  • Gender Pay Equality achieved for all Barilla people worldwide;
  • 12+ millions euro and 2,700+ tons of products donated to people in need.

A journey made up of important results achieved thanks to a constructive and stimulating dialogue with the various players in the supply chain, institutions, the academic and non-profit world.

“We want to bring joy through the products we offer to consumers, through good food, conviviality, helping to improve the lives of those who choose our products and the world around us,” noted Claudio Colzani, CEO of the Barilla Group. “In the coming months, this journey will lead us to set clear, measurable objectives towards sustainable development. We will continue to invest in our supply chains, by introducing principles of regenerative agriculture, to further reduce our environmental impact in terms of CO 2eq emissions and water consumption, and to produce recyclable packaging.”

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