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Kingfisher Accelerates Action To Tackle Climate Change

Kingfisher Accelerates Action To Tackle Climate Change

Published 07-11-22

Issued by Kingfisher


Kingfisher plc, the international home improvement retailer which includes B&Q and Screwfix, has published its FY 2021-22 Responsible Business Report ‘Better Homes, Better World’ committing to net-zero emissions and 60% of sales from sustainable home products.

Report Highlights

Kingfisher plc, the international home improvement retailer, has announced it is committing to a new 2040 net zero target and an increased 60% Sustainable Home Products sales 2025 target.

The details are published in Kingfisher’s annual Responsible Business Report, ‘Better Homes, Better World 2021/22’, which shows that the business has made significant progress with its responsible business priorities during the financial year.

Key 2021/22 achievements

  • 24.5% reduction in carbon emissions across Kingfisher’s operations
  • £5.8 billion (44.1%) of sales came from products that help customers create more sustainable homes
  • Over 1.5 million people with a housing need helped since 2016/17
  • 87.2% of wood and paper in products, now being responsibly sourced

Thierry Garnier, Chief Executive Officer of Kingfisher plc, said:We are committed to helping tackle climate change by setting targets both in the short and in the long term. In the short term, we are on track to reduce our carbon emissions in line with global efforts to limit warming to below 1.5°C by 2025. In the long term, we are now committed to reach net zero emissions by the end of 2040.

Helping our customers to live in more sustainable homes is one of our key priorities. We think everyone deserves a greener, healthier home – that’s comfortable to live in but uses fewer resources and costs less to run. With rising energy prices, home energy efficiency has never been more important

Highlights from the report include:

New net zero carbon reduction target

Kingfisher has committed to becoming net zero across its operations (scope 1 and 2) by the end of 2040/41, supported by its pre-existing science-based target of reducing operational emissions by 37.8% by 2025/26. Kingfisher has already reduced such emissions by 24.5%.

On track to become Forest Positive by 2025

Founding member of the Rainforest Alliance Forest Allies initiative, Kingfisher is investing in six projects which will support communities in regions most at risk of deforestation. In 2021/22, 87.2% of wood and paper in products were responsibly sourced and 100% of catalogue paper.

Helping customers live in more sustainable homes

In 2021/22 44.1% (£5.8 billion) of total Group sales came from Sustainable Home Products (SHPs), including 10% (£1.32bn) derived from energy and water-saving products.

Supporting communities and fixing bad housing

In 2021/22, a total of £4m was invested in community projects and 800,000 people across Europe received support with addressing unsafe housing.

Gender diversity is improving

Kingfisher is on track to hit its targets to improve gender balance to 35% of women in senior leadership and 40% in management by 2025/26, with the business reaching 25.2% women in senior leadership and 37.7% women in management roles in 2021/22.

About Kingfisher

Kingfisher plc is an international home improvement company with over 1,490 stores, supported by a team of 82,000 colleagues. We operate in eight countries across Europe under retail banners including B&Q, Castorama, Brico Dépôt, Screwfix, TradePoint and Koçtaş. We offer home improvement products and services to consumers and trade professionals who shop in our stores and via our e-commerce channels. At Kingfisher, our purpose is to help make better homes accessible for everyone.


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