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Calor Publishes 2015 Sustainability Review

Calor Publishes 2015 Sustainability Review

Published 09-08-16

Issued by Calor


Calor Gas Ltd – Britain’s leading supplier of bulk and bottled LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) – has today published its 2015 Sustainability Review.

Report Highlights

Calor Gas Ltd – Britain’s leading supplier of bulk and bottled LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) – has today published its 2015 Sustainability Review.

In 2015 Calor embarked on a new 3-year sustainability strategy, setting 25 ambitious targets across 5 key sustainability areas – Environment, Innovation, Community, Workplace and Marketplace.  New areas of focus for 2015, as identified by Calor’s stakeholders, included waste, employee travel, equality and diversity, supply chain management and air quality.

The 2015 Review charts the company’s progress against these targets and outlines various projects implemented by Calor during the period, not only to help achieve their targets, but also to further enhance their sustainable development proposition.

Calor’s 2015 Key Achievements:

  • 115,000 kWh of solar electricity was generated - enough to power for 35 homes for the year!
  • Only 11% of waste was sent to landfill
  • Calor achieved 2.5 stars in the BITC CR Index in 2015 with an improved score of 86%
  • 70% increase in use of video conference facilities and online meetings
  • £55,000 raised for Calor’s corporate charity - Alzheimer’s Society.
  • 25% reduction in electricity purchased
  • 5% of employees signed up to Calor’s Cycle 2 Work scheme
  • 324 employees gave a total of 2,430 hours of their time to support local community and environmental initiatives
  • 483 training courses were attended by Calor employees
  • 1,480 tonnes of CO2 saved when new customers switched to LPG from heating oil

Click here to see the full report and highlights film.

Sustainability continues to be an area where Calor is working hard to maintain their corporate reputation. For Calor, sustainable business means looking at the social, environmental and economic impacts of their activities, as well as the long term viability of the company. Whether it is their support of the Alzheimer’s Society, developing BioLPG, or promoting energy efficiency to their customers, Calor continues to work hard towards achieving their vision of becoming the Sustainable Energy Company of Choice for Rural Britain.

For further information or to provide feedback, please contact Sustainability at Calor

About Calor 
Calor began operating in 1935 with the aim of bringing clean, efficient and modern energy solutions to homes and businesses across Great Britain. Today Calor continues to play a vital role in meeting rural energy requirements in a sustainable way; LPG is the lowest carbon fossil fuel available in rural areas. In addition, Calor plays an important role in supplying clean and efficient energy via LPG cylinders to meet temporary, remote or portable energy needs. Calor will be launching the UK’s first supply of renewable BioLPG in 2017.



Calor provide heating, cooking and energy solutions to homes across the UK, as well as the heating, catering, agriculture and transport industries.

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