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Instant Brands Publishes Inaugural Sustainable Development Report, Commits to Be Carbon Neutral by 2040

Fan-favorite kitchenware manufacturer outlines focus on planet, people, shared prosperity

Instant Brands Publishes Inaugural Sustainable Development Report, Commits to Be Carbon Neutral by 2040

Fan-favorite kitchenware manufacturer outlines focus on planet, people, shared prosperity

Published 04-27-22

Issued by Instant Brands


Instant Brands unveils inaugural Sustainable Development Report, commits to be carbon neutral by 2040 
Maker of favorites like Instant Pot® and Pyrex® formalizes its sustainable development plan with initiatives to impact Planet, People, and Prosperity

Report Highlights

Instant Brands, maker of consumer favorites like Instant Pot® and Pyrex®, today released its inaugural Sustainable Development Report. Reflecting two years of foundational planning and accelerated efforts, the 2021 report details goals, progress to date and future commitments.

“We see sustainability as a natural extension of our Made for Together promise. We believe we have a responsibility to improve the world today and protect it for future generations,” said Ben Gadbois, President and CEO of Instant Brands. “Our actions and commitments reflect the big and small ways that we as a global innovator can contribute to a more sustainable world.”

Instant Brands looked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for guidance when developing its Vision 20/25 Plan, centered around the pillars of Planet, People and Prosperity. The company engaged with employees, consumers and business partners to identify opportunities and initiatives where Instant Brands can make an impact.

“Sustainability and social responsibility are an inherent part of our culture and one of our core values, so our plan is rooted in action powered by our people,” explained Bill Hess, Chief Operating Officer, Instant Brands. “Our employees rallied around implementing the first steps of our sustainability journey in record time—proof of what we can accomplish, together.”

Planet is about leaving a healthier planet for future generations. In 2021, Instant Brands focused on collecting data regarding its energy, water and waste intensity while implementing key initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. In addition to establishing a goal to be carbon neutral by 2040, in 2021 the company:

  • Leveraged carbon offsets to impact the carbon footprint of all global transportation activities
  • Removed Styrofoam from Instant Pot packaging
  • Used Sustainable Forestry Initiative-certified (SFI) corrugate in all North American products

Other future goals: by 2025, 100 percent of all Styrofoam will be eliminated from all product packaging, and the company is continually reducing the carbon footprint of its products through innovative design that meets consumers’ everyday needs.

People are at the center of all that Instant Brands does. This includes fostering a diverse, inclusive, supportive environment that protects and prioritizes the safety and well-being of everyone. 2021 highlights include:

  • Women represent 44% of Senior Director and above roles
  • Expanded commitment to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion, which includes creating Employee Resource Groups
  • Continuously improved best-in-class health and safety program, reducing injury rate significantly below industry averages
  • Offered more than 5,000 hours of development and training

Looking ahead, the company will continue to prioritize an inclusive environment and create opportunities to attract, retain and promote under-represented communities. Additionally, Instant Brands will sign the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion Pledge in 2022.

Prosperity reflects Instant Brands’ everyday commitment to uplift people by contributing to their basic needs and promoting economic and educational opportunities to help them live more prosperous and fulfilling lives. The company focused its efforts on lifting communities through charitable donations and volunteerism, and 2021 highlights include:

  • Donated 2,000 Instant® Air Purifiers valued at $600,000 to residents impacted by wildfires in Winthrop, Washington
  • Developed partnerships with food banks and food pantries in California and Illinois
  • Created podcast series to showcase individuals making a difference in their communities

Future goals include increased involvement with internal and local mentorship programs, establishing a program to impact global food insecurity, and continuing to educate both internally and beyond our walls on the importance of sustainable development.

Instant Brands’ 2021 sustainable development report is available on the company’s website at

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Instant Brands designs, manufactures and markets a global portfolio of innovative and iconic consumer lifestyle brands: Instant®, Pyrex®, Corelle®, Corningware®, Snapware®, Chicago Cutlery®, ZOID® and Visions.® With people-first and purpose-driven solutions in mind, Instant Brands is reimagining how people live, eat, connect, and play inside the home—and in the spaces where people gather. The Cornell Capital-backed company is headquartered in Downers Grove, Ill., and employs more than 2,000 people across four continents. Today, Instant Brands’ products are in millions of homes worldwide. For more information visit Instant Brands or join the community at LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

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