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Improving Financial Health, the Experian Way

Published 06-24-21

Issued by Experian


Experian’s 2021 Sustainable Business Report highlights the work the organisation has been doing using its data and analytics services to help the world combat the Covid-19 crisis and improve financial health for all.

Report Highlights

Experian’s 2021 Sustainable Business Report highlights the work the organisation has been doing using its data and analytics services to help the world combat the Covid-19 crisis. With a culture of social innovation running through the very heart of the company, the world’s leading information services provider has mobilised it’s data and technology services to help governments, NGOs and public services plan and respond to the unfolding pandemic, whilst launching a series of successful partnership programmes to help support global financial health

Brian Cassin, Experian’s CEO, said “It’s my privilege to lead a business with social purpose at its core. We’re unlocking the power of data to create a better tomorrow for societies, consumers, clients, colleagues and communities around the world. In short, we’re using data for good.”

Core business

Sustainability runs through everything Experian does, and is evident in the products it offers to help its consumers and clients. Experian puts customer needs at the heart of its innovation culture to create solutions to overcome challenges and help people improve their financial lives. Experian’s 2021 Sustainable Business Report focuses in on examples like Experian Boost which has played a significant role in improving consumer credit scores in the US and UK. Over 110m consumers are now using Experian platforms to help them understand and manage their credit profiles.

Social Innovation

Experian’s Social Innovation programme provides funding to new product ideas designed specifically to positively impact the financial wellbeing of communities around the globe, particularly those from low income backgrounds. In the last year Experian’s Social Innovation products have reached a further 28m people. This takes the total to 61m people reached through its Social Innovation portfolio since 2013, keeping it on track to hit its goal of reaching 100m people by 2025.

Community Investment

Experian’s community investment focuses on financial education and other causes aligned to the its business. Throughout the pandemic Experian has provided free products and its employees have volunteered 21,000 hours to support consumers, businesses, NGOs and governments. In total Experian contributed over $12m to society in the last year.

A key development through the pandemic was the development of Experian’s global financial recovery programme, United for Financial Health. Through 11 charitable partnerships in the UK&I, the US and Brazil this programme aimed to reach 15m people and actually managed to reach 35m people. Experian has now set a target of reaching 100m by 2024 through United for Financial Health and will extend its partnerships into Asia Pacific and EMEA in 2021.

View Experian’s full 2021 Sustainable Business Report, ‘Financial Health for All’, here, which also includes Experian’s broader ESG commitments. You can also read more about Experian’s broader ESG approach in its newly-launched Annual Report.

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