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Sky Releases Latest Sustainability Report and Summary Video

Sky Releases Latest Sustainability Report and Summary Video

Published 09-30-15

Issued by Sky

Report Highlights

Europe’s leading entertainment company Sky has released its latest sustainability report, now exclusively online. Through its website, Sky outlines its overall vision, initiatives and approach to building a better, more sustainable business.

Sky grew over the year with the acquisition of Sky Deutschland and Sky Italia and now employs almost 30,000 people, reaching 21m customers across Europe.

Sky’s report reflects this expanded Group, leading with a new video to highlight what it is doing. It has brought to life the links between the three focus areas of its strategy, positive contribution, responsible business and inspiring action, and its lead measures through an animated infographic.

Sky has made good progress against its main targets of halving its carbon intensity and reaching 1m young people through Sky Academy - both by 2020. Other highlights include contributing £7.6bn to GDP across the business; establishing its carbon intensity as a group and maintaining its carbon neutral status; and helping over 140,000 young people build their skills and experience through initiatives across the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy.

You can read more about Sky’s overall approach and see their video by visiting

To explore its new interactive infographic, or read the full report, please visit the Sustainability reporting section of its site.

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Sky is Europe’s leading entertainment company.

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