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L'Or'al (EPA:OR) publishes 2007 Sustainable Development Report

Published 06-26-08

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The report details key sustainable development achievements for the business, whose 25 brands are sold to customers in over 130 countries

Report Highlights

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Cosmetics company L'Oréal has published its 2007 Sustainable Development Report, available in pdf and hard copy at

The business, whose 25 brands are sold to customers in over 130 countries, details key achievements of 2007, including how it:

Was rated among the 100 most sustainable companies in the world by Innovest and Corporate Knights.
Launched a new Code of Business Ethics.
Signed up to the French Union of Advertisers' (UDA) Charter on Responsible Communication.
Rolled out its raw material Sustainability Assessment Framework, working with suppliers to assess 10% of raw materials by the end of 2007.
Set up a Natural and Organic Centre of Excellence to develop products of this type, and integrated six fair trade raw materials into its portfolio.
Created a complete reconstructed skin model 'RealSkin', with living dermis and epidermis, as part of a programme of investment in alternatives to animal testing.
Achieved absolute reductions in CO2 emissions and water use despite growth in products manufactured.
Joined the Carbon Disclosure Project's (CDP) Supply Chain Leadership Collaboration initiative to encourage supplier disclosure on carbon emissions.
Put 1,400 managers through a two day training course on diversity.
Held the annual supplier forum on the subject of diversity - over 100 suppliers took part in the 'Together for Diversity' convention, along with several institutions and NGOs specialising in diversity.
Commissioned 585 labour standard audits at suppliers 'and subcontractors' production sites.

The report has been verified by two independent third parties and includes a Global Reporting Initiative content index.

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