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Carrefour Group (EPA:CA) publishes 2007 Sustainability Report

Published 06-24-08

Issued by Carrefour France


In the report the company sets out its policies on the key Sustainable Development issues associated with its business.

Report Highlights

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The Carrefour group, the European leading retailer of food and non- food products has released its 7th Sustainability Report.

The 2007 Sustainability Report is available online at: or and is aimed at all the Group’s stakeholders (employees, customers, franchisees, suppliers, governments, local communities, shareholders, SRI rating agencies and fund managers...).

Aware of its responsibilities and its stakeholders’ expectations, the Carrefour group has decided to create for the fist time, a dedicated document, the “Challenges Booklet” which can be found at the beginning of the 2007 Sustainability Report and which focuses on 5 issues considered as key challenges by the Group: Balanced diet; Responsible consumption; Manufacturing social conditions; Being a responsible employer; Climate change

To meet SRI rating agencies and fund managers’ expectations, the 2007 Report presents a 4-year evolution of the performance of the Carrefour group’s Key Performance Indicators.

In the Report the Carrefour Group sets out its policies on the key Sustainable Development issues associated with its business. For each theme, the issues and the Group’s responses are clearly presented and illustrated with examples of best practice implemented in specific countries. Finally, the Group includes testimonies throughout the Report, giving external stakeholders and in-house experts the opportunity to express their views. This Sustainability Report will also enable the company’s stakeholders to evaluate overall performance based on 22 key performance indicators.

Within the framework of its progressive approach, the external audit has been raised to a moderate level of assurance for the 2007 Sustainability Report.

The Group is the 2nd retailer worldwide and the 1st in Europe. With 490,042 employees and 14,991 stores in 30 countries, three billion customers per year and tens of thousands of suppliers throughout the world, the Carrefour group mobilizes its competence, energy and resources to build a high performance, sustainable and customer-oriented company.

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