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Barclays (LON:BARC) publishes Sustainability Report 2007

Published 05-27-08

Issued by Barclays


Their eighth Corporate Sustainability Review reports on sustainability performance, rather than focusing on corporate responsibility as in previous years

Report Highlights

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Barclays releases its eighth Corporate Sustainability Review and will be reporting on sustainability performance, rather than focusing on corporate responsibility as in previous years.  The company believes that sustainability should be part of “business as usual”, reflected in decisions, actions and behaviours across the organisation worldwide.

Barclays Group Chief Executive John Varley states, “sustainability includes [and] expands the idea of being a responsible global citizen. Banks are an indispensable part of a productive economy and a healthy society. They facilitate risk taking and entrepreneurship, and they help those they serve achieve their goals – both are fundamental ingredients of sustainable economic growth and progression. We feel that 'sustainability' better captures these responsibilities and applying the term to our activities will keep us mindful of the centrality and durability of these commitments to our business and our brand.”

For Barclays, sustainability has two strands, one is being a sustainable bank and the other is being a responsible global citizen.

As a sustainable bank, Barclays is focused on providing enduring returns for shareholders and the best possible services for customers while building long-term relationships with stakeholders.

As a responsible global citizen and employer, Barclays has committed to be carbon neutral globally in 2009 and has set tough targets to reduce waste and increase recycling. The firm is also focused on how it manages its impact on broader social and environmental issues and invests in the communities in which it operates.

Barclays Group is one of the world’s leading banks, with more than 30 million customers and 135,000 employees in more than 50 countries worldwide.

As a symbol of its commitment to sustainability, Barclays will only be using online Corporate Sustainability reporting this year, with no printed format.

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Barclays is an international financial services provider engaged in personal, corporate and investment banking, credit cards and wealth management with an extensive presence in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. Barclays’ purpose is to help people achieve their ambitions - in the right way.

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