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Hydro-Quebec publishes Annual Sustainability Report 2007

Published 05-06-08

Issued by Hydro-Québec


Hydro-Qu'bec is pleased to present its 6th annual sustainability report entitled Sustainable Energy, now available online

Report Highlights

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Hydro-Québec is pleased to present its 6th annual sustainability report entitled Sustainable Energy. The report is available on the Company's Web site:

Hydro-Québec's sustainable development initiatives focus on six main themes:
Renewable energies and energy efficiency
Environmental protection and quality of life
Social commitment
Customized service
Human resources development
Contribution to the Québec economy

Key achievements in 2007:
CAD$1.6 billion invested in the development of Québec's hydroelectric potential, including CAD$120 million towards environmental measures
Topping of energy efficiency objectives for a fourth consecutive year, with 866 GWh in savings—bringing the company closer to its 2010 target of 4.7 TWh
CAD$100 million invested in over 100 research projects
94% of goods and services purchased in Québec, representing CAD$2.6 billion for the provincial economy

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and auditing:
For its Sustainability Report 2007, Hydro-Québec produced a self-declaration corresponding to application level B of the GRI’s G3 guidelines. The declaration has been checked by the GRI. Moreover, the data are audited by an external firm and identified with a check mark.

About Hydro-Québec:
Hydro-Québec is one of the leading electric utilities in North America and ranks among the world's largest producers of hydropower. It uses mainly renewable generating options, specifically hydro. It also conducts research in fields related to energy, is active in energy efficiency, and commercializes the technologies resulting from its R&D activities.



Hydro-Québec generates, transmits and distributes electricity, mainly using renewable energy sources, in particular hydroelectricity. It also conducts research in energy-related fields and acts strongly in energy efficiency. In addition, it works to create value from the technologies that emerge from its research. Its sole shareholder is the Québec government. Hydro-Québec has a firmly established sustainability culture that cover all aspects of sustainable development. It adhered to the concept of sustainable development in 1989, in response to the report of the World Commission on Environment and Development. To find out more about sustainable development at Hydro-Québec and reading the online version of our Sustainability Report :

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