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WestLB AG publishes Sustainability Report 2007

Published 10-10-07

Issued by WestLB AG


The report reflects on the connections between major sustainability challenges and its business activities as a commercial bank

Report Highlights

As the title "Asking Questions" indicates, WestLB reflects on the connections between major sustainability challenges and its business activities as a commercial bank. In the broad review WestLB presents answers, for example as to strategy, goals, products and risk management. Special focus is given to global climate change, which is particularly relevant for society and business alike.

The consistent development of WestLB’s sustainability management underlines WestLB’s goal to be among the leading companies in the area of sustainability. Sustainability management is thus an integrated part of group strategy, as documented in the Sustainability Report 2007.

The publication can be downloaded from the home page

Hard copies in English and German are available upon request by mailing

Further information can be found on WestLB’s website

You may also contact WestLB Sustainability Management directly by E-Mail or call +49-211-826-6417. WestLB would be pleased to receive reactions, suggestions and criticism!

WestLB welcomes feedback on this report via their profile here

WestLB – New Answers in Banking - WestLB AG is a European commercial bank rooted in its home market of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Its key strengths include the close business and strategic alliance with the savings banks, expertise in the development of innovative capital market products and customised structured financings for German and international clients. WestLB is the central bank for the savings banks with the strongest international presence. It is an important partner both for international activities of German companies and for globally operating institutions and investors seeking access to the German market. The Group strategy rests on three pillars:

' The alliance with the savings banks 
' Universal bank for medium-sized companies, large corporations and institutional clients
' International business, above all in the role of a global leading provider of structured financing



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