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Jazz Pharmaceuticals Publishes 2023 Corporate Sustainability and Social Impact Report: Progress, Responsibility and Innovation

Letter From Our CEO

Jazz Pharmaceuticals Publishes 2023 Corporate Sustainability and Social Impact Report: Progress, Responsibility and Innovation

Letter From Our CEO

Published 07-08-24

Submitted by Jazz Pharmaceuticals

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Originally published in Jazz Pharmaceuticals' 2023 Corporate Sustainability and Social Impact Report

I am pleased to share Jazz’s 2023 Corporate Sustainability and Social Impact Report.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals remains committed to its core mission to develop life-changing medicines for people with serious diseases, often with limited therapeutic options. By developing innovative medicines, we aim to support patients in living their lives more fully. Our patient-focused approach is the foundation of our Corporate Sustainability and Social Impact (CSSI) strategy.

In 2023, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Jazz Pharmaceuticals’ founding. Jazz was founded to create new and life-changing medicines for people with unmet needs. We established a people-first and purpose- driven culture, a culture we are proud of. As we have grown, our culture has remained fundamental to the continued development of the capabilities, talent and performance of an innovative biopharmaceutical company.

Last year, we placed particular emphasis on strengthening the governance of our CSSI strategy to ensure we can deliver positive impacts across
each of our CSSI pillars — Patients, People, Community and Planet. The long-term vision for our CSSI strategy is set by the Board and executive management with a core focus on aligning and integrating CSSI objectives with our overarching mission, culture and business strategy. Key members of our Executive Committee are accountable for the execution of our strategy in each CSSI pillar. These individuals and their teams enable the efficient integration of CSSI considerations into day-to-day business decisions, supporting and accelerating our growth strategy while helping us meet growing regulatory expectations.

We continued to progress each of our CSSI pillars, including successfully executing our mission to bring treatments to patients with limited therapeutic options through developments in our pipeline, such as expanding access to our medicines and initiating new clinical trials. We also launched an initiative to ensure that participants in Jazz’s clinical trials reflect the diversity of our patient populations.

Jazz continued to demonstrate the commitment to being the best experience of our employees’ careers. Our people approach supports the development of their talent and capabilities for oncology and neuroscience. We are proud of the engagement of our employees, who regularly exceed a 75% response rate on our engagement surveys and actively contribute to our Employee Resource Teams, ensuring Jazz is a diverse and inclusive place to work.

Jazz maintained its commitment to creating a positive impact in and on communities, focusing our direct philanthropy and volunteering efforts on the causes that mean the most to our people and reflect our mission. We contributed to initiatives across our network, supporting partner organizations through education, funding and provision of medical donations, including established partnerships with Stand Up To Cancer and the American Heart Association, to further research, education and patient support.

We are making steady improvements in reducing our environmental impact. Our Athlone, Villa Guardia and Kent Science Park sites purchased 100% renewable electricity in 2023. We have also increased our efforts to monitor environmental data across our sites to inform and improve our overall environmental sustainability approach.

As we advance our CSSI strategy this year, we do so against a backdrop of increasing sustainability reporting regulations. Throughout 2024, we will be preparing for these requirements, as well as focusing on our efforts where we can create positive impact for patients, people, society and

the planet. Providing access to innovative medicines, creating a uniquely talented workforce, giving back to our communities and reducing our environmental footprint further our capabilities as a responsible, innovative biopharmaceutical company.

Best regards,

Bruce C. Cozadd

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Learn more about Jazz Pharmaceuticals commitment to progress, responsibility and innovation in its 2023 Corporate Sustainability and Social Impact Report

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Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc (NASDAQ: JAZZ) is a global biopharmaceutical company whose purpose is to innovate to transform the lives of patients and their families. We are dedicated to developing life-changing medicines for people with serious diseases - often with limited or no therapeutic options. We have a diverse portfolio of marketed medicines and novel product candidates, from early- to late-stage development, in neuroscience and oncology. Within these therapeutic areas, we are identifying new options for patients by actively exploring small molecules and biologics, and through innovative delivery technologies and cannabinoid science. Jazz is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and has employees around the globe, serving patients in nearly 75 countries. Please visit for more information.

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