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DP World Logistics Receives First Charter Flight, Marking Launch of International Air Freight Service

DP World Logistics Receives First Charter Flight, Marking Launch of International Air Freight Service

Published 06-14-24

Submitted by DP World

Global logistics is in the midst of a transformative shift, driven by the increasing demand for rapid and reliable supply chain solutions. DP World Logistics has embarked on a journey to expand its services with the launch of its international air freight forwarding service. This strategic move is set to redefine the capabilities of global trade support across Peru and beyond.

A Strategic Airborne Entry

Earlier this year, DP World Logistics proudly welcomed its first charter flight into Jorge Chávez Airport in Lima, Peru. This flight, originating from Miami and carrying cargo from Luxembourg, marked a significant milestone in our operations. The cargo, an impressive 200 cubic meters of machinery – equivalent to four 40-foot shipping containers – showcased the immense potential of air freight in modern logistics. This successful shipment underscores our unwavering commitment to handling significant cargo volumes with utmost efficiency, setting a precedent for our future operations. 

A Comprehensive Logistics Solution

With the introduction of air freight services, DP World Logistics now offers a comprehensive suite of logistics options, seamlessly complementing our existing maritime solutions. This all-encompassing approach allows for the integration of multimodal transport solutions, blending air, maritime, and other transportation methods. This integration is designed to maximize time and efficiencies for our esteemed global traders, offering them a one-stop solution for all their logistics needs.

Certified and Secure

DP World Logistics is expanding services while maintaining the highest operational excellence standards. Holding the international IATA certification, we meet rigorous criteria that authorize us to manage air cargo through all airlines associated with the International Air Transport Association. This certification ensures that DP World Logistics meets the best industry practices and safety standards. Our commitment to operational excellence and global connectivity is unwavering, providing our clients with the confidence and security they need in their logistics partner.

Enhancing Global Connectivity

DP World Logistics's introduction of air freight forwarding is timely. According to the National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT), air transport in Peru mobilized significant volumes of exports and imports in 2023—73,000 and 78,000 tons, respectively. Air transport plays a critical role in Peru's foreign trade, making DP World’s new service a timely enhancement to the national and global logistics landscape.

This service expansion positions DP World Logistics as a 360° logistics operator capable of managing various logistics challenges. With a network of offices in over 80 countries across multiple continents—America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East—DP World Logistics is set to offer unmatched logistical advice and solutions, further facilitating international trade flows.

Looking Ahead

As DP World Logistics continues to expand its service offerings, the impact on global supply chains is expected to be profound. The ability to offer integrated, end-to-end logistics solutions streamlines operations and drives down costs and transit times for clients worldwide. This forward-thinking approach by DP World Logistics is poised to set new industry benchmarks, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of global logistics innovation.

To see our team in action, check out our video showcasing the journey and execution of this pivotal project. At DP World Logistics, we’re not just moving cargo; we’re setting new standards in the logistics sector, driving forward with innovative solutions that redefine what's possible in freight forwarding.


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