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Five Things Gen Z Should Do To Prepare for AI in the Workplace


Five Things Gen Z Should Do To Prepare for AI in the Workplace


Published 06-12-24

Submitted by IBM

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Photo courtesy of Fast Company | Source Photo: Yuri Manei/Pexels

Originally published on Fast Company

AI has transformed the job market in the last year, here’s how recent grads can be better prepared.

While many in Gen Z are fearful of how AI could affect their job security, a new IBM study revealed this boom could actually create jobs. 40% of CEOs surveyed plan to hire additional staff because of generative AI and 51% percent say they are hiring for generative AI roles that did not exist last year, with more than half saying they are struggling to fill key technology roles. 

“There is a shift towards hiring people with these skills,” says Justina Nixon-Saintil, Vice President and Chief Impact Officer at IBM. “If you do not have basic AI skills, or even advanced AI skills, it is going to be more challenging for you to find meaningful employment.”

To capitalize upon these job opportunities, Nixon-Saintil suggests young people begin educating themselves on AI now. She says that there are many free resources and tools online that teach prompt writing, AI ethics and more. 

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