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DP World Unveils Ocean Strategy 2024-2030: A Blueprint for Sustainable Maritime Leadership

Aligning global trade with environmental stewardship, DP World's ambitious strategy sets new standards for ocean health and sustainable development.

DP World Unveils Ocean Strategy 2024-2030: A Blueprint for Sustainable Maritime Leadership

Aligning global trade with environmental stewardship, DP World's ambitious strategy sets new standards for ocean health and sustainable development.

Published 06-10-24

Submitted by DP World

"DP World Unveils Ocean Strategy for Sustainable Maritime Leadership"

World Ocean Day, recognized each year on June 8, serves as a poignant reminder of the substantial environmental and climatic challenges that our planet currently faces. The alarming degradation of marine ecosystems—where 50% of the world’s coral reefs and 67% of mangroves have been lost, and 85% of fish stocks are under threat—highlights the urgent need for comprehensive strategies to sustainably manage and restore our oceans. Moreover, the looming threat of rising sea levels, which could affect over 200 million people by 2100, underscores the critical need for action.

The need for immediate action is clear; World Ocean Day is using 2024 to kick off its new multi-year action theme: Catalyzing Action for Our Ocean & Climate. In response, DP World has launched its Ocean Strategy for 2024-2030, an initiative that redefines the nexus between global trade and environmental stewardship, underpinning its leadership in the emerging Sustainable Blue Economy.

Visionary Leadership in Marine Conservation

A healthy ocean with restored biodiversity underpins a stable climate, sustainable communities, and long-term economic growth. DP World’s Ocean Strategy 2024-2030 is a profound testament to the pivotal role the ocean plays in global trade and environmental sustainability. The ocean carries 90% of the world’s traded goods through marine transportation, placing it at the very heart of DP World’s operations. The ocean sustains the livelihoods of 3 billion people, contributing 2.5% of global GDP. 

Our strategy aims to execute on our vision, “A thriving ocean and stable climate supporting an equitable trade system, where nature and people flourish.” The mission is clear: “As a responsible business, we will leverage our global operations, assets and skills to actively engage in protecting and restoring the ocean, promoting good stewardship and empowering local communities for better future.”

A Strategic Blueprint for Ocean Health

DP World's strategy is anchored in four foundational pillars:

  1. Diverse and Resilient Ecosystems: Our goal is to restore, enhance and protect the ecosystems and biodiversity in the communities where we operate. Aiming to combat the degradation of over 60% of marine ecosystems, DP World's strategy includes nature-based and regenerative projects focused on coastal blue carbon ecosystems. Key targets include the development of a Coastal Blue Carbon Ecosystems Strategy by 2025 and the restoration of 280 hectares of mangroves in three priority nations by 2030, alongside initiatives to preserve biodiversity through living shorelines, seawalls, and biogenic reefs.
  2. Healthy Waters: Plastic is overwhelming our oceans, comprising 85% of marine waste. Our goal is to implement comprehensive waste management practices to eliminate single-use plastics from our office environments by 2030, and eliminate them from across all our operations by 2035.
  3. Blue Science, Innovation & Leadership: This pillar focuses on enhancing capacity for ocean-climate action through the creation of knowledge hubs and citizen science programs by 2025. These initiatives aim to foster inclusive community participation in data collection and ecosystem monitoring – e.g., waste collection, water quality, observations of threatened marine life, restoration outcomes, etc. – to enhance scientific understanding and conservation efforts.
  4. Blue Finance: DP World plans to develop sustainable financing models that support maritime ecosystem protection and restoration. By 2025, the company aims to establish a portfolio of investable projects and a financial framework that bolsters practices conducive to a sustainable maritime industry.

Global Commitments and Local Impact

The Ocean Strategy is integral to DP World’s broader “Our World, Our Future” sustainability framework, aligning with global initiatives such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Sustainable Ocean Principles. It emphasizes locally adapted solutions, enabling DP World’s entities, especially ports and terminals, to implement tailored strategies that address specific local challenges and opportunities.

Empowering Communities and Raising Standards

Central to the strategy is DP World's commitment to community engagement and empowerment, aiming to forge robust partnerships with local governments, NGOs, and research bodies. The company is also dedicated to establishing new industry standards for sustainable ports worldwide, thus influencing broader industry practices.


DP World’s Ocean Strategy 2024-2030 is a bold integration of sustainability with global trade logistics, setting new benchmarks for environmental stewardship within the maritime industry. By aligning its business operations with ecological conservation and community empowerment, DP World is steering the global trade sector towards a more sustainable and equitable future. This strategic blueprint not only signifies a pathway for business growth but also serves as a fundamental framework for securing a healthier planet for future generations.


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