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Matthew Sanchez Champions Innovation and Sustainability at Kohler: From WasteLAB to Global Leadership

Matthew Sanchez Champions Innovation and Sustainability at Kohler: From WasteLAB to Global Leadership

Published 05-22-24

Submitted by Kohler

Matthew Sanchez and a child in a corn maze

Originally published on LinkedIn

“Our work is complex. Challenges are not overcome overnight. But persistence pays off—and we have the opportunity to make real, meaningful change. It’s what keeps me excited to go to work each morning.”

As the director of our Kohler WasteLAB and Innovation for Good program, Matthew Sanchez and his team live and breathe creativity and resourcefulness—transforming manufacturing waste into beautiful products and developing commercial solutions that address today’s most pressing social challenges.

It’s a role that didn’t exist when he first started at Kohler, and one that Matt discovered through his dedication to professional growth and exploration—including job assignments in Thailand and China and his participation in the Kohler Leadership Forum.

Matthew Sanchez and another in chefs aprons holding a plate of food.

Our signature executive leadership development program, Kohler Leadership Forum, is a partnership with the University of Virginia Darden School of Business designed to equip accomplished senior leaders with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to become more for themselves, their teams, and the world in a rapidly changing environment.

“Programs like Kohler Leadership Forum are an incredible opportunity to dedicate time to growing as a leader, learning from associates across our businesses, and working to solve challenges,” explained Matt. “Not only does Kohler have the resources to offer these experiences, they’re willing to invest in me as I continue to grow.”

Matthew Sanchez speaking to others "Waste Lab Kohler" behind them.

Matt’s story is a testament to the new career paths that can present themselves through a commitment to learning and continuous improvement—and the motivation that comes from being truly passionate about your work.

“I love that we MAKE things! I’ve always been drawn to roles that involve operations,” he added. “And to be able to leverage a globally recognized brand that prioritizes quality and design with customers all around the world—it’s the best.”

Learn more about the KOHLER WasteLAB here, or explore the KOHLER Innovation for Good program

Matthew Sanchez signing the back of a tile on a conveyor line.


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