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Spotlighting Impact

Meet the Volunteer of the Year and Community Champion Winners

Spotlighting Impact

Meet the Volunteer of the Year and Community Champion Winners

Published 05-16-24

Submitted by NRG Energy

Originally published on NRG Energy Insights

By NRG Editorial Voices

The path toward a brighter, more sustainable future is paved with efforts to make a positive impact and the winners of our NRG Impact Awards are no strangers to walking it. These awards recognize our exceptional colleagues who dedicate their time and passion to making a difference in the places where they live and work. They exemplify our belief that every action, no matter how small, can contribute to a larger, positive change.

At NRG, our responsibility extends beyond the office. We’re committed to having a positive impact on people, communities, and the environment. There are three categories of ways we recognize this impact — Volunteer of the Year, Community Champion, and Purpose on Point — showcasing the people putting our new purpose into action and inspiring others to get involved.

This installment of our Impact Awards series shines a spotlight on the winners in the Volunteer of the Year and Community Champion categories, two awards focused on exceptional volunteerism. Check out our video to get to know these incredible individuals.

Volunteer of the Year

Winners in this category are our most dedicated volunteers. These volunteers logged an exceptional number of volunteer hours, a testament to the time and hard work they’ve dedicated to causes near and dear to them.

For 2023, the recipients of Volunteer of the Year are:

  • John Mehling - Senior Manager, Regional Operations
  • Joseph Gibbons - Manager, Summer Sales
  • Konrad Chen - Senior Manager, Product Testing
  • Melissa Forde - Continuous Improvement Analyst
  • Nola Williams - Staff Accountant L
NRG Energy Impact Awards.

Community Champion

Winners in this category embody NRG’s values in the community, uplifting our nonprofit partners and motivating their teammates to follow suit. They’re cultivating a culture of understanding, respect, and teamwork inside and outside our organization.

For 2023, the recipients of Community Champion are:

  • Cecil Cofie - Engineer, Cedar Bayou Energy Station
  • Milly Astwood - Project Manager, Cyber Security
  • Nikki Marbley - Senior Quality Analyst
  • Patricia Hartley - Customer Service Representative
  • Penny Barlow - Business Analyst II

Be on the lookout for the next blog in our series highlighting the Purpose on Point winners.

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