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Monster Energy: Enlisted Aide of the Year Award

Monster Energy: Enlisted Aide of the Year Award

Published 05-14-24

Submitted by Monster Energy

Image Courtesy Monster Energy

Monster Energy Cares was proud to sponsor a very important event with the Department of Defense: The Enlisted Aide of the Year Award.

Enlisted Aides act as the right hand of the United State Military Leadership, assisting Admirals and Generals in day to day operations.

The 20th anniversary ceremony, supported by the Veteran’s Support Network, the Robert Irvine Foundation and Monster Energy, was held at The Pentagon’s Hall of Heroes, attended by many of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Also present were Monster Athlete Ambassadors Rob Gronkowski and Donald Cerrone — aka Gronk and Cowboy — to meet and thank our servicemen and women. Cowboy even picked up an award of his own: a stunning engravement made by Monster’s very own master artist Hank “Hanro” Robinson, to mark the MMA legend’s retirement from the Octagon.

But top honor of the evening went to the Enlisted Aide of the year: Master Sergeant Michael “Bo” Bogle, of the US Army. Bo’s operational deployments include Operation Iraqi Freedom (2 tours) and Operation Enduring Freedom (2 tours) in Afghanistan. Bo has earned 2 Bronze stars — possibly a record for a military cook! — and as legend goes, would have also been awarded a Purple Heart but for a technicality, after suffering a battlefield headwound from a rock struck by a bullet (but not the bullet itself — so technically not enemy fire!)

Bo’s award means the Army now have the most Enlisted Aides of the Year with 6, edging ahead of the Coast Guard with 5, and the Marine Corps with 4, while the Air Force and Navy have 3 each.

Congratulations to Master Sergeant Bogle!

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