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A 24-year Career of Supporting Women

For National Women’s Health Month, we’re getting to know Walgreens Healthcare Supervisor La Vonia Cannon, who is also the vice chair of the Women of WBA-US business resource group.

A 24-year Career of Supporting Women

For National Women’s Health Month, we’re getting to know Walgreens Healthcare Supervisor La Vonia Cannon, who is also the vice chair of the Women of WBA-US business resource group.

Published 05-09-24

Submitted by Walgreens Boots Alliance

Meet La Vonia Cannon

Originally published by Walgreens Boots Alliance

My journey to Walgreens traces back to a pivotal moment in my childhood—a chance encounter at my local pharmacy that sparked a lifelong passion for healthcare. As a young girl, I accompanied my mother on a routine trip to Walgreens, unaware that this visit would shape the course of my future. 

As we stood in line at the pharmacy counter, my attention was drawn to the sight of a pharmacist engaged in conversation with a patient. Fascinated by the pharmacist's ability to offer guidance and support, I felt a sense of purpose and possibility. 

In that moment, a seed was planted—an aspiration to make a meaningful difference in people's lives through healthcare. Inspired by what I had witnessed, I began to envision myself in a similar role, dedicated to serving others with compassion and expertise. 

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   Cannon and Pierre Rouse at a BRG event.

Today, I’m 24 years into an amazing career at Walgreens. In 2000, I started as a pharmacist and was soon promoted to pharmacy manager. From there I became a district pharmacy supervisor and ultimately a healthcare supervisor. In this role, I oversee 62 stores and support four district managers in Northwest Houston and surrounding areas. My work days can vary, but typically I spend my time identifying how my stores are helping to improve patient health outcomes and where the opportunities are to close gaps in care. I also visit stores regularly to provide clinical expertise and ensure compliance with federal and state regulations.  

When I’m not visiting stores, I’m leading meetings with my pharmacy managers to celebrate wins and identify opportunities for improvement. Or I’m participating in regional and corporate-level meetings for strategic planning to bring our organization’s purpose to life. 

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Cannon with her mother, daughter and college chancellor when she earned her MBA in 2022.  

Empowering women’s leadership and wellness 

Becoming a member and leader within the Women of WBA (WoWBA) business resource group was driven by my desire to connect with fellow women leaders to find a sense of community; have a direct impact on Walgreens’ diversity, equity and inclusion strategy; and enhance my own leadership skills. As the vice chair of WoWBA-US, I’m devoted to fostering inclusion and inspiring women within the organization to own and celebrate their uniqueness and achievements. It’s important to challenge yourself to grow and to be the best version of yourself. I’m dedicated to lifelong learning and personal development, and I encourage women of all ages to embrace the power of education. I’ve truly enjoyed supporting the professional development of the many team members I have worked with over the years. 

As a leader, I am committed to not only championing women's professional growth, but also supporting their health and wellness. With May being Women’s Health Month and Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s such a fitting time to encourage women to also prioritize their health. As women, we often take on numerous roles in our personal and professional lives, but it's essential that we remember to prioritize our own wellbeing. From reproductive health to mental wellness and beyond, this month serves as a reminder for women to take charge of their health journeys.  

I am incredibly proud of the series of events WoWBA-US has planned for this month, which includes a panel discussion focused on work-life balance and decreasing stress, as well as a meditation event and virtual art exhibit. By advocating for regular check-ups, screenings and healthy lifestyle choices, we empower ourselves and others to lead fulfilling and vibrant lives.  

My commitment to women’s health extends beyond the workplace. As a mother, I strive to set an example for my daughter, showing her the importance of prioritizing self-care and personal wellbeing.   

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Cannon hitting the slopes in Canada with her daughter. 

Fun awaits beyond the office 

Traveling with my daughter is one of my greatest joys. Each year, we take on a handful of adventures together. Our recent ski trip to Canada was one for the ages. It was such a fun time to relax while playing in the snow. In addition to our love for travel, my daughter and I share a passion for the arts and music. This year, we're anticipating our upcoming trip to Las Vegas to see New Edition in concert.  

Our trips are a source of happiness and inspiration for both of us. When I'm fulfilled outside of work, I find that I'm more creative, more motivated and more able to tackle professional challenges. As I lead my team, I carry with me the joy from our mother-daughter adventures. They remind me of the importance of finding harmony in both my personal and professional lives, and how that can positively impact everything I do. 

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