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Taco Bell's Arab Heritage Month Spotlight - Mohammad S.

Mohammad S., Marketing, Taco Bell Foundation

Taco Bell's Arab Heritage Month Spotlight - Mohammad S.

Mohammad S., Marketing, Taco Bell Foundation

Published 05-09-24

Submitted by Yum! Brands

Mohammad S. "Celebrating Arab Heritage Month."

Taco Bell blog

April was officially recognized as National Arab American Heritage Month in 2021, celebrating the heritage of Arab communities and their many contributions to society.

To amplify this historic month, we’ll be spotlighting Arab Americans within Taco Bell and their inspiring career and life journeys.

“My dad came to America from Egypt on a music tour as he was a professional violinist... [that’s] where he immediately fell in love with the SoCal charm -- and that’s how my family ended up in Los Angeles.”

Mohammad S. is a first-generation Egyptian who grew up in an Arabic speaking household within L.A county.

”I was that kid who brought lunch from home that smelled differently compared to other kids who had Lunchables.”

Although he was surrounded by a tight-knit community of Arab friends and family, it wasn’t until his first visit to Egypt after college when he received a culture shock, placing him in between the two distinct worlds. This opened Mohammad’s perception of the people around him as he realized that no matter the ethnicity, many second-generation Americans go through similar feelings, thus creating a shared experience.

“When I went to Egypt and met my extended family, I realized I wasn’t Egyptian enough, but not completely American either – something I think a lot of us second - generation kids struggle with. At the same time, it’s helped me appreciate my own culture and understand other people while embracing our differences knowing that everyone person has their own story and heritage.”

Today, Mohammad celebrates both the American and Arab cultures. One of his favorite events is Ramadan, a time of fasting and self-reflection that ends in a big celebration on Eid-Al-Fitr with food, music and familial traditions. This time is a great way to connect with others in the Arab community, but also share learnings with those looking to explore the Arab culture.

“We’re in the middle of Ramadan with Eid around the corner, and I’m excited to eat my favorite Egyptian homecooked foods. Food is a great way to learn about my culture, as it’s truly a love language. In particular, Egyptian food has influences from Greek and Mediterranean cuisine and vice versa, which is a fun crossover.”

April also marks Mohammad’s 14-month work anniversary doing marketing for Taco Bell Foundation!

“I love the fact that Taco Bell embraces differences and celebrates diversity in all forms. Seeing the impact the Taco Bell Foundation has on the community is truly inspiring.”

Looking to the future, Mohammad hopes to continue helping the local community and leave a positive impact on the people he meets, giving them a safe space to learn and grow.

“I hope to be remembered as a person who helped create a space of belonging in the world for others.”

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