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Meet the Leaders of Henkel Canada’s Earth Squad

Meet the Leaders of Henkel Canada’s Earth Squad

Published 04-30-24

Submitted by Henkel

"Pioneers for Good" next to Kyrylo and SJ

Introducing SJ and Kyrylo

Sukhjot (SJ) Girgla is the Director of Supply Chain for the Beauty Professional Business and focuses on logistics including demand planning, warehousing, and customer operations. Kyrylo Fedoruk’s role as Senior Manager, Net Revenue Management analyzes how Henkel spends trade dollars and ensures they are maximizing return on investment (ROI). While their responsibilities may differ, they share a deep interest in bettering the planet and working on sustainable initiatives outside of their primary roles at Henkel.

For SJ, with a background in chemical and bioengineering, choosing to work at a company that had sustainability at its heart was an easy decision. “When I was looking at Henkel it was the core values which resonated so well with my passion and perspective.” From a very young age SJ has been drawn to the importance of sustainability and, with current issues like climate change, driving sustainability is more important than ever.

Kyrylo’s decision to work at Henkel was also easy. As a loyal consumer of Henkel brands, he found himself attracted to his role because of the brand reputation in Europe. He recalls, “I knew it was a company that produced reliable products that I used daily.” His interest in the environment stems from a personal mission to build a more sustainable and cleaner planet for the future. He is deeply invested in Henkel’s commitment and actions to protect the environment.

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Kyrylo Fedoruk, Senior Manager Net Revenue Management, and Sukhjot (SJ) Girgla, Director of Supply Chain, are Sustainability Pioneers at heart and encourage their colleagues to participate in Henkel programs to earn the qualification too!

Get to know the Earth Squad

Three years ago today, the Earth Squad was born. Founded by SJ and Kyrylo, the Earth Squad is a team of volunteers from Henkel Canada who have come together with the shared desire to connect moments in time like Earth Day and various community projects with Henkel’s global sustainability agenda. The Earth Squad is part of Henkel’s employee Sustainability Action Team – a grassroots network of employees actively involved in sustainability efforts at work, at home and in the community. Throughout the year, they work on multiple projects that contribute to their local community's overall health.

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At unveiling ceremony of the “This Park Adopted by Henkel” sign installed by the city of Mississauga, SJ (first on the right) is joined by Canadian Executive Committee members: Pierre Dupuis, Carolyn Newson, Rob Bertok, and John Fortunato.

Impactful Solutions in Canada

The Earth Squad researches solutions to support the community inside and outside Henkel. With a keen focus on education, they developed a fun and easy way to learn how to live more sustainably - called Sustainability Bingo. Instead of numbers, employees complete eco-friendly tasks to fill a Bingo card and earn prizes.

To further education efforts, the team onboards interns at Henkel on recycling practices so they in turn can educate others. “In Canada there are different methods of recycling based on your municipality. With employees commuting from different municipalities, up to 60 miles away; this program helps to ensure that we are compliant with the proper regulations,” Kyrylo shares.

To help the local community, the Earth Squad has donated thousands of Henkel products to charitable organizations in Canada that support the basic food and health needs of area residents.

The team also takes their hands and hearts into the community by adopting a park in Mississauga, where they have hosted six clean-ups since 2022. The activity attracts Henkel employees from sectors and positions across the business. In fact, the cleanups have become such a staple in Mississauga that the town installed a sign that reads, “This park is adopted by Henkel Canada.” The unveiling was such a special moment for the Earth Squad that they were joined by Rob Bertok, President Henkel Canada, Vice President NA General Manufacturing & Maintenance, and other members of the leadership team.

The continuous ingenuity and determination of the Earth Squad to build a strong, more sustainable, planet has led to significant accomplishments and continues to push Henkel’s Purposeful Growth Agenda forward.

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A highly motivated team of volunteers from across Henkel Canada operations form the Earth Squad and organize clean-ups each spring and fall at their “adopted park”.

Being a pioneer for good means…

For Kyrylo, being a pioneer for good is fueled by the love he has for his family.

The Earth is a gift that you inherited, and it is your sole responsibility to hand it over as a gift to your children in an even better state than you inherited it.

Kyrylo Fedoruk, Senior Manager, Net Revenue Management

This belief makes it easy for him to implement daily sustainable practices like recycling, conserving water, and reducing waste.

SJ believes that everything is connected back to the idea of being a pioneer at heart for the good of generations. It is embedded in the culture at Henkel and is present from the beginning of everyone’s career journey at the company.

Henkel encourages all of us to act as entrepreneurs, and when we look at sustainability, I think every individual must act as an entrepreneur for the planet. Until everyone takes ownership, I think we will struggle to forge a better future.

Sukhjot (SJ) Girgla, Director of Supply Chain for the Beauty Professional Business

Leading the Earth Squad has been a highlight in both Kyrylo and SJ’s careers. In honor of their 3rd anniversary on Earth Day 2024, they are challenging everyone to look introspectively, find what it takes to become an entrepreneur for the planet, and make a commitment to act.

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