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5 Ways Northwestern Mutual Is Building a Better Tomorrow: 2023 Sustainability and Social Impact Report

5 Ways Northwestern Mutual Is Building a Better Tomorrow: 2023 Sustainability and Social Impact Report

Published 04-22-24

Submitted by Northwestern Mutual

Watch our Chairman and CEO John Schlifske discuss our commitment to sustainability and social impact.

Originally published by Northwestern Mutual on April 17th, 2024

We put people first, helping our clients build financial security across generations. This is why a commitment to sustainability and social impact is at the core of our business.

Check out five key takeaways from our 2023 Sustainability and Social Impact report: 

  1. Delivering financial security for 167 Years 

We’ve been helping people to find financial security since 1857. In 2023, we proudly assisted more than 5 million Americans and delivered record-setting dividends to policyowners, a sum expected to reach $7.3 billion in 2024.

  1. Expanding financial access for historically underserved entrepreneurs and communities 

We’re committed to bridging the wealth gap by investing in financial access. For example, through Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures, we have a goal of investing $20 million in women and $20 million in African American/Black entrepreneurs. And through our $175 million Impact Investment Fund, increased by $75 million in 2023, we’re supporting entrepreneurs in underserved communities, both locally and nationally.

  1. Investing in our communities to drive transformational and sustainable outcomes that improve lives 

We’re passionate about making a difference in our communities. Through the Northwestern Mutual Foundation, we’ve contributed more than $50 million nationally since 2012 to advance research and treatments in childhood cancer and support the families affected by it. In 2023, our Childhood Cancer Scholarship Program awarded $500,000 in combined scholarships to 50 childhood cancer survivors and childhood cancer siblings to help alleviate the financial cost of college for impacted families.

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  1. Enabling everyone’s success through a culture of belonging 

We’re committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace that enables everyone to grow and contribute their best for the benefit of our clients and policyowners. Today, more than one-third of our employees participate in employee resource groups. Additionally, 30 percent of employees are people of color and 49 percent are women.

  1. Demonstrating long-lasting commitments to people and planet 

We’re reducing our environmental impact through energy efficiency, carbon reduction, water conservation, and waste management. In 2023, we announced a new $500 million investment in our Milwaukee campus, with a goal of diverting at least 75 percent of construction waste from landfills. That means a cleaner, healthier planet for all of us.

Learn more about how we are building a better tomorrow by reading the Northwestern Mutual 2023 Sustainability and Social Impact report.

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Northwestern Mutual has been providing financial security for over 165 years through personalized planning and industry-leading products. The company manages over $570 billion in assets and provides insurance and advisory services to over 5 million people. 

As a purpose-driven company, Northwestern Mutual integrates sustainability and social responsibility into its operations, focusing its Sustainability and Social Impact on delivering financial security, strengthening its culture of belonging, and investing in communities.

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