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Monster Energy "Beat The Beast" Call of Duty Tournament Donates $100k to Charity

Monster and CoD Reunited for Another Year of Gaming and Giving

Monster Energy "Beat The Beast" Call of Duty Tournament Donates $100k to Charity

Monster and CoD Reunited for Another Year of Gaming and Giving

Published 04-15-24

Submitted by Monster Energy

TeeP donates to AbleGamers Image Courtesy Monster Energy

CORONA, Calif. /CSRwire/ - Monster Energy is delighted to announce the recipient charities of its $100,000 'Beat The Beast' tournament. The Call of Duty competition, live-streamed on Twitch, brought together gaming enthusiasts and top-notch streamers for a charitable cause.

The Beast Squad dominated the virtual battlefield with a 2-hour stream on each day, showcasing some of Monster Energy's top streamers, including Atlanta FaZe, Jericho, TeeP, and Rogue. These gaming titans led their squads against challenger squads from the general public in epic Call of Duty showdowns.

Following the tournament's conclusion, each of the four victorious streamers had the privilege of selecting a favorite charity, which have each now received a check for $25,000 from Monster Energy.

Rogue donates to Doctors Without Borders. Image Courtesy Monster Energy

The chosen charities and their respective streamers are:

Additionally, here are some notable statistics from the Beat The Beast Tournament:

  • Live Views: 2.4 Million +
  • Total Stream Duration: 9.5 hours
  • Max Concurrent Viewers: 19,000
  • Avg. Concurrent Viewers: 10,000
  • Avg. Unique Viewers/Stream: 433,000
  • Beast Squad Record: 17-10
Jericho donates to American Humane. Image Courtesy Monster Energy

Viewers tuning in for the action-packed streams witnessed thrilling battles and had the chance to earn exclusive 2XP codes by watching the live broadcasts.

"We're thrilled with the success of the Monster Energy "Beat the Beast" Call of Duty charity tournament; it was a high-octane spectacle of epic battles and meaningful contributions," said Monster CMO, Dan McHugh. "This event not only showcased the skill and competitiveness of our top streamers and esports teams, but also emphasized our commitment to supporting impactful charities. We believe that gaming has the power to make a positive change, and this tournament is a testament to that belief."

This initiative underscores Monster Energy's dedication to making a positive impact in the world by combining the love for gaming with charitable giving.

Don't miss the chance to be part of our next exhilarating event and contribute to meaningful causes. Stay tuned for more updates from Monster Energy.

FaZe donates to COD Endowment. Image Courtesy Monster Energy

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