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Free Tax Prep Services Secures Nearly $43M in Tax Refunds for Entergy Customers in 2023


Free Tax Prep Services Secures Nearly $43M in Tax Refunds for Entergy Customers in 2023


Published 04-10-24

Submitted by Entergy Corporation

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"Entergy's assistance with my taxes was truly a blessing. The entire process, from arriving at the event to the completion, was incredibly smooth. Thanks to their support, I received a substantial tax refund that I couldn't have managed on my own, and it didn't cost me a penny."

–Entergy customer

An annual sponsorship of free tax preparation services has been a cornerstone of Entergy’s corporate social responsibility initiatives to help customers facing financial challenges and uplift our communities out of poverty. Each year, we sponsor Super Tax Day events and promote Volunteer Income Tax Assistance sites, or VITA, offering free tax filing services and customer assistance across our service area in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

Last year, our IRS-certified employees contributed more than 2,800 volunteer hours to help vulnerable customers prepare and file tax returns. This dedicated effort led to an outstanding outcome where more than 37,000 Entergy customers benefited from a total of $42.7 million in federal tax refunds facilitated by Entergy-sponsored VITA sites. The positive economic ripple effect of these tax events was significant, resulting in a $64 million economic applied to the total refunds, showcasing the significant impact of our initiatives on the community.

During these events, our customers accessed valuable resources and information on tax credits and deductions they may be eligible for, including the federal Earned Income Tax Credit, or EITC. The EITC program is a crucial tool in lifting low-income individuals and their families above the poverty line. Entergy’s tax preparation volunteers helped our customers determine if they are eligible for this and other tax credits, maximizing their tax refunds.

"Each year, our employee volunteers collaborate with the IRS, United Way affiliates and nonprofits to provide free tax preparation services for our low-income customers living in our service area,” said Patty Riddlebarger, Entergy’s vice president of corporate social responsibility. “Since this service began, we have helped more than 185,000 families access $330 million in EITC refunds. This impactful initiative highlights the importance of supporting and uplifting our customers and communities."

Since 2011, Entergy has been organizing these free Super Tax Day events to help qualifying customers claim the EITC. Entergy employees have played an important role in the success of Super Tax Day, dedicating thousands of volunteer hours to assist customers in filing taxes and claiming the EITC. By offering services like financial coaching, budget workshops and legal services, Entergy continues empowering our customers to achieve their financial goals and build generational wealth.

The 2024 tax season is still underway, with events and resources to help our customers in need break the cycle of poverty.

Customers can still receive free, in-person tax preparation services by scheduling an appointment at one of the Entergy-sponsored Volunteer Income Tax Assistance sites through April 15.

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