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Lenovo’s Partnership With Solve Education! Foundation Underscores the Transformative Power of High-Quality Learning Opportunities

Lenovo’s Partnership With Solve Education! Foundation Underscores the Transformative Power of High-Quality Learning Opportunities

Published 04-10-24

Submitted by Lenovo

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At Lenovo, we believe access to high-quality educational opportunities for every child around the world is critical to the betterment of society. However, according to UNICEF, over 600 million children worldwide are unable to attain minimum proficiency levels in reading and mathematics, even though two thirds of them are in school. Acknowledging this imperative gap, Lenovo actively collaborates with organizations across the globe dedicated to delivering transformative learning experiences for children. Through these partnerships, we aim to unlock the full potential of every child, bridging the educational divide and fostering a brighter future for all.

In line with its mission to provide smarter technology for all, Lenovo has been a proud partner to Solve Education! Foundation (SE!) since 2020. SE! is a global technology non-profit organization committed to enabling young people who are unable to attend school or the traditional education they receive is ineffective, to empower themselves through impactful learning opportunities to further their education. Since the onset of the partnership in 2020, SE! and Lenovo have reached 190,000 young people in nine countries.

Access to digital learning:

Specifically, Lenovo partners with SE!’s digital learning program that is designed to address educational needs of secondary school students and youth communities in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. The objective of the program is to provide beneficiaries with essential educational basics – in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), literacy and other life skills – using SE!’s innovative learning platform. Leveraging support from Lenovo, the learning program creates personalized and engaging experiences, including game-based learning elements, to help young people develop essential skills and take control of their education.

“We are excited about our incredible journey with Lenovo,” said Janine Teo, CEO of SE! “Together, we’re changing lives of students in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Lenovo’s dedication to helping others learn, aligns perfectly with our mission, making our innovative educational programs even more powerful. This partnership is about believing in a future where every student can shine, and we’re eager to keep growing, reaching more students, and creating a world where everyone has the chance to succeed through education.”

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Empowering transformation with digital inclusion:

Lenovo’s funding empowered SE! to extend its digital education initiative to rural areas, impacting students like Tesa in Maumere, Flores, Indonesia. Starting at a Pre-A1.1 English level in 2021, Tesa’s dedication has elevated her proficiency to Pre-A1.2. In a heartfelt letter, she expressed how the platform brought her closer to her dream of speaking fluent English.

Similarly, Danial from Malaysia, a student with dyslexia, improved from Pre-A.1 to A1.2 through SE!’s program. Initially shy in English, he confidently participated in the English Alphabet Story Battle competition, ranking among the top five finalists. His mother proudly noting the positive impact on his self-confidence says, “This was the first time I’ve seen my son on stage, alongside other participants, and he spoke English without using a script. I am so proud of Danial for improving his self-confidence.”

Lenovo employees are also deeply engaged with SE!. Lenovo Malaysia recently partnered with SE! to organize the ‘Learning Never Ends with Lenovo’ program. A total of 66 students and 15 Lenovo volunteers participated in the program where the students were grouped into small teams for activities conducted in English. Initially, students felt very nervous and hesitant to speak English, but with the support of Lenovo Malaysia volunteers, eventually found the confidence to eagerly participate.

“This was a valuable moment for me because I have witnessed firsthand how these students are utilizing technology to learn English,” said Lenovo Malaysia volunteer, Sean. “This was something I could never have imagined ten years ago when we mostly relied on textbooks. I am grateful to collaborate with SE! Foundation in empowering students through enjoyable activities like this.”

Strategies for Advancing and Enhancing the Future of the Program

Through Lenovo’s funding and device donations, SE! continues to enhance its educational content and reach more students around the globe, from Thailand to Nigeria to India and beyond. Today, SE! has reached over 190,000 learners and they aren’t slowing down any time soon. In 2022-23, Solve Education! Foundation was a grantee under the AVPN STEM Collaborative Fund, an initiative supported by Micron Foundation, XTX, Chevron, BHP, and Lenovo. With the grant under the collaborative SE! upgraded its ED the Learning Bot, their web-based learning platform. This involved developing a robust math content integrated into an adaptive AI element not requiring installation on mobile phones or devices as well as designing a system to utilize data and analytics to monitor learners’ progress and behaviour, making it adaptable and personalised to support students’ needs.

Looking ahead, Lenovo is preparing to extend its support into the next fiscal year, continuing to promote ed-tech as a powerful tool for change in underserved communities.

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