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The Maximus Foundation Supports Connecting Individuals With Nonprofits in Need of Volunteers

The Maximus Foundation Supports Connecting Individuals With Nonprofits in Need of Volunteers

Published 03-14-24

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Group of Volunteer Hampton Roads volunteers making a difference

Volunteer Hampton Roads is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering a culture of volunteerism and community engagement in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. The organization serves as a bridge between volunteers and local nonprofit organizations, identifying and coordinating volunteer initiatives that address pressing community needs. Through their platform, volunteers can easily find opportunities that align with their skills, interests, and availability, making it accessible for people from all walks of life to contribute to their community.

Besides facilitating these partnerships and collaborations, Volunteer Hampton Roads provides valuable resources and support to nonprofit organizations to help them achieve their missions. This includes helping to optimize their volunteer programs and effectively build their capacity by providing training, facilitating volunteerism, and coordinating large-scale projects.

Family Volunteer Day is one of their significant community events, held yearly just before Thanksgiving. It brings together community members for a day of service supporting community nonprofits. An excellent opportunity to coordinate a large-scale volunteer effort to support the community, it also presents community members with the satisfaction of giving back while forming a connection with nonprofits they can help on an ongoing basis.

In 2023, Volunteer Hampton Roads recruited over 13,000 volunteers to give back to local nonprofits and reached 150 nonprofit organizations to provide crucial support to enhance their operations.

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Additionally, Volunteer Hampton Roads played a key role in assisting more than 50 area companies in developing a community engagement plan, identifying organizations for partnerships, and working with their employees to match them with volunteer opportunities. These volunteer opportunities include nonprofit boards and training to fill that role effectively.

Grant funding from the Maximus Foundation allowed Volunteer Hampton Roads to allocate additional resources to recruit volunteers to serve local nonprofit organizations further. It also allowed them to waive membership fees for smaller nonprofit organizations needing assistance, specifically minority-led organizations and groups with small operational budgets. This resulted in several nonprofits growing their outreach to the number of people they served and how many times they could offer their services.

With a mission to connect individuals and groups with meaningful opportunities to make a positive impact, Volunteer Hampton Roads plays a pivotal role in building a stronger and more compassionate community in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Learn more about Volunteer Hampton Roads.

Giving back to the communities we serve

The Maximus Foundation is one of the ways Maximus employees are doing something greater together. Established by the Maximus Board of Directors in 2000, the Maximus Foundation is an independent, employee-led, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Employee donors pool their charitable contributions together through the Foundation, double their impact on the grantmaking program through Maximus’ dollar-for-dollar matching pledge, and make their voices heard by nominating and voting for future grantee partners. Though the Foundation focuses its giving strategy on grantmaking, it also helps coordinate corporate-wide humanitarian efforts and empowers employees to donate their time and skills to nonprofits. Their inspired giving and volunteerism help accelerate the missions of nonprofits on the front lines of the communities we serve. Learn more at

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