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Inspiring Inclusion: Meet Cécile Vivares

Inspiring Inclusion: Meet Cécile Vivares

Published 03-08-24

Submitted by GoDaddy

Cécile Vivares, Senior go to market manager, GoDaddy, Spain.

Originally published on GoDaddy Resource Library

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your career journey.

My name is Cécile. I am French and was born in Paris. When I was studying, I decided to take a course in Madrid fourteen years ago and I fell in love with the city and the country of Spain. At that time, I met my wife, with whom I've been married for seven years, now. We have three wonderful daughters: Julia (who is five), Carla (who is three), and Sofía (who is one).

For me, the most important thing outside of work is family. I spend a lot of time with them, enjoying the outdoors, and occasionally, a good meal with beer on a sunny terrace.

On vacation, our usual destinations are France and northern Spain, Galicia, where we meet up with our extended family.

When our daughters are a bit older, I hope that we can travel to exotic places again. I also am looking forward to picking up my Kindle to read again, as it has been abandoned for ages...

I started working at GoDaddy three years ago as a Senior Marketing Manager for the French market. Nowadays, my role has evolved to Senior Go-To-Market Manager for the Spanish language, where I am responsible for adapting the global marketing strategy for our local audiences of Spanish-speaking customers. Additionally, I work closely with our Content Unit to develop the best strategies and create impactful content.

Cécile Vivares shown with her wife and three children in front of the family Christmas tree.

How does your team help support our customers?

We love inspiring our clients. Therefore, we emphasize seeking out customers who can share their impactful entrepreneurship stories with us. Thus, inspiring potential new clients to take the leap into launching their online business. Through creative content strategies, we aim to inspire, educate, and showcase how our products can help them achieve their professional and personal goals.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job as a woman in tech?

As a woman in tech, I feel happy to work for an international company with an open and modern corporate culture like GoDaddy. Additionally, it's so rewarding to set an example for other women who dream of working in motivating and respectful environments.

Cécile Vivares shown with GoDaddy coworkers at a trade show booth.

Who has been your biggest female role model in your professional life and why?

A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to observe the success story of a close friend who climbed the ranks in globally recognized companies. Witnessing the achievements of a driven young woman was truly inspiring, especially considering the seeming impossibility of her accomplishments at the time. Her journey taught me a valuable lesson about the limitations we impose on ourselves due to our own mindset. I've come to believe in the importance of setting ambitious goals and crafting a roadmap to achieve them. The key is to take it step by step, fulfilling the milestones of your own plan. Do not be afraid of failure and use everything as a learning experience. Always think big!

Can you share a project or accomplishment you're particularly proud of?

Apart from my three daughters and the family that I have created, of which I am very proud, I am currently immersed in a professional project to optimize our content strategy at an international level. Within this project, we are leveraging new AI tools. We are testing the latest available tools and devising use cases to achieve significant impacts on our business objectives. It is a very challenging project but highly motivating due to the impact it may have on our productivity and performance. I am hopeful to show positive results very soon.

Cécile Vivares with her daughter who is riding on her shoulders.

What changes would you like to see in the tech industry for the next generation of women?

I believe that the tech industry has evolved positively in the inclusion of women. Company values are very important and should embrace diversity and inclusion. However, I still think there is room for improvement in recruiting more women into leadership positions and in areas traditionally dominated by men.

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